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Left frameview is the raw Internet, with the lid off. That's right, nothing there. Just a prompt, waiting for input..

Imagine yourself a light pulse, electron or wave bit, bouncing down optic cable or across the ether. This is what you can see. Zero. You are deaf, dumb, blind, numb, senseless.. at a new horizon on a moonless night. In silence. You are not lost. Nor alone. A destination waits.

The blank electronic canvas has absence of colour - a video screen switched off - until illuminated by bits like us (000000: three hexadecimal bytes).

Right frameview was common misconception of the Internet - full combined colour, reflecting the Net inventors' high culture - a digitised portrait sheet of paper (FFFFFF: < 16.6 million colours). Bright hope, of the 1970s. But that traditional medium for conveying meaning, for constructing truth, was superceded by actual Internet telecommunications - an entirely different medium, with far greater capability.

Standard paper's progressive epoch ended, when it thwarted human realisation of potential, after millennia of governance by elite literacy. The act of printing text instantly created historical artefact. Only later was this understood. Making language documents static, sacred, divine and superior - when they were but expressions of competing local cultures - fuelled the world's worst wars. These could then cease, as we had the plain and universal language of electronic logic for cooperation - binary streams. Binary choice, looking beneath and moving beyond holy paper-based text, towards peace.

The Internet was a wild frontier, replete with perils. Did we sanitise it? No. We inspired evolution. Sanity was religion's weapon of colonisation and control, deploying force, manipulating fear, inflicting conformity. The Internet exposed the hypocrisy of mammon's brutal rule on Earth, overthrew it, and made us free - healthy, growing into the solar system, by smiting the beast and his chain of poverty, dis-ease, toxicity, rapacious ignorance and steel - of common mind. Through leveraged participation, the voiceless majority dispelled rule by disqualification. With humanity online, collective consciousness took virtual form, made conscience real, and progressed. Peacefully. There was compassion and enlightenment. Rationality did outgrow the shackle of scarcity. The world turned upside down. Night became day. Now,.. each bit-spark counts.

Employ a dedicated navigator, and journey - back to the future, via *nix console action and Internet mythology - with InfoHelp: an Internaut's clean and simple, agile, robust and well-grounded craft. Beware the vortex, capturing your attention and drawing your life-time into the yawning organic vacuum of cyberspace. Alienation of productive energy is what the world ran on, until we changed it. --- Sighting radiance [*] ..building luminance.. Engage >>>

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