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Ubuntu Linux
"Humanity To Others"

Canonical Ltd South Africa, Australia, Isle of Man
Mark Shuttleworth Foundation release Oct04

Go Open Source campaign
World's first open source television programme
Geek Freedom League HP rewards

"Team members include leaders from the Gnome, Linux, Debian and Arch open source projects helping Canonical to stay at the forefront of the rapidly changing open source software world"

"Unlike many of the other commercial distributions.. the Ubuntu team really does believe that Free software should be free of software licencing charges"

The newbie-friendly spot belongs to an easily-installed and stable Linux distribution, secure, with updates readily available.

SuSE, RedHat/Fedora, Mandriva et. al. (RPM-based package update camp) follow quite closely in that, and used to be the primary recommendation for newbies.

Ubuntu distro well demostrates how adaptable Debian is, in meeting current market needs.

More Debian-based GNU/Linux distributions:
Less BeatrIX, Corel (Xandros), & Storm Linux (2000), 129 remain (Lessons from Ubuntu and Debian Benjamin Mako Hill).

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