'Nile-to-Euphrates' sources

Aish.com "Your Life, Your Judaism.. The Jewish Website.. Aish HaTorah is a non-profit, apolitical network of Jewish educational centers, with 25 branches on 5 continents ..the world's largest Jewish content website" Jerusalem aish.edu + Live Western Wall Camera + Photo Fraud in Lebanon
Al-Ahram Weekly newsp & Organisation 1875 Cairo + Remembering Deir Yassin "Special pages commemorating 50 years of Arab dispossession since the creation of the State of Israel 1948-1998"
al-Bab "An open door to the Arab world" dir etc & The Arab Peace Initiative, 2002 = Beirut Summit wikipedia + How I See Palestine "Arab Leagues offer to recognize Israel in 2002" Jimmy Carter Nov06 Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid bk @ arabnews.com 10Dec06
al-Basrah.net "personal website [since].. Apr03.. defense of Iraq" vs "Nile-Euphrates" Replacement of Iraqi national flag "new flag of colonialism ..alien to any country in the middle east except one. The light blue & white are colours of only one idealogy and have never been colours associated with Islam & muslims. The flag has intentionally been chosen to be devisive amongst muslims & especially arabs.. Israel is never stopping in its attempt to colonise the Arab and Muslim World in its pursuit of a Greater Israel it is achieveing this through the support & blessing of the new colonialist USA" + Free Arab Voice "Your Voice in a World where Zionism, Steel, & Fire have turned Justice Mute ..independent political newsletter that comes out only in cyberspace once every few weeks"
Al Islam Online "Love for All, Hatred for None" Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Rabwah Pakistan "After his survival, Jesus travelled as far as Kashmir, India & preached to the Lost Tribes.. The vast majority of orthodox Muslims believe that Jesus was never put upon the cross, ascended bodily to heaven, & will come down to earth again to smash the cross & what it stands for & to purify the faith of the believers" & Muslim Television Ahmadiyya mta.tv London
Aljazeera.Net Arabic TV online Qatar & Israeli visa rules hit Palestinian diaspora social engineering Sep06
Al-Jazeerah Peace Information Center "an island of truth & hope.. Your Gateway to Understanding the world system, American Foreign Policy, & the Arab & Muslim Worlds ..US Independent News.. educational Publication that promotes peace in the world, between Palestinians & Israelis & between the US & the Arab & Muslim worlds. Ending wars & occupation is the first step" Aljazeera.info US + links
Alliance for Middle East Peace ALLMEP.org "new coalition of 38 NGOs, who promote people-to-people coexistence between Arabs & Jews, Israelis & Palestinians in the Middle East" US
Alternative Insight "Foreign policy, domestic policy, politics & media. Combating hype & presenting an alternative insight" anon The Mid-East struggle: Trajectory to Catastrophe etc
Anarchia "Against the conflation of Judaism & Zionism" Israel/Palestine .. blog NZ Sep06
Answering Islam "A Christian-Muslim Dialog & Apologetic" UK
Antiwar.com "Your best source for antiwar news, viewpoints, & activities" Randolph Bourne Institute libertarian US - A Self-Defeating War "The strength of an open society lies in its ability to recognize and correct its mistakes. This is the test that confronts us" George Soros Oct06 * * * * *
The Arabic Hour "Arab-American community TV" MA-US + video * * * * *
Arab News "The Middle East's Leading English Language Daily" Jeddah
Ariga "for pleasure & peace" The Ariga Trust for Robert Rosenberg + PEACE "A Mid-East Dialogue Group.. declaration regarding a peaceful settlement of the Palestinian-Israelis conflict.. we need to acknowledge that some guilt lies on both sides, and that the 'tradition' of massacres did not start with the Jews" + links
Assholes that have fought over the Middle East 5K-year imperial map video youtube.com + The History of the Middle East... & many more..
Avaaz.org Voice "The World in Action ..Middle East peace talks now" etc
Ezzedeen AL-Qassam Brigades Information Office Palestine "armed branch of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas)"
BibleGateway.com New International Version NIV etc search + Crosswalk.com "The Intersection of Faith & Life" BibleStudyTools.net & Salem Web Network + Godrules.net Bible Study Tools = 'Ministries' KJV etc + Bible History Images & Resources & Bible History Flowchart & The Bible & History wikipedia
Bill Harris Prof UniOtago NZ Faces of Lebanon "Sects, Wars, & Global Extensions" + The New Face of Lebanon "History's Revenge" + A History of Lebanon, 640-2005 + The Levant: A Fractured Mosaic + Syria's Plan "The provocation of Israel" National Review Online Jul06 + The real issues behind the Israel-Lebanon War NZ Institute of International Affairs 24Oct06
Benny Morris Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-2001 bk
The BRussells Tribunal "People vs Total War Inc - Questioning the New Imperial World Order - A Hearing on the Project for the New American Century PNAC" + International Anti-Occupation Network "Acting against the occupation of Iraq, in the framework of the conclusions of the World Tribunal on Iraq"
Brit Tzedek v'Shalom Jewish Alliance for Justice & Peace "to educate & mobilize American Jews in support of a negotiated two-state resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict" Chicago + "bring the West Bank settlers home voluntarily to Israel" campaign
B'Tselem "Israeli Info Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories"
Canaan "present-day Israel/Palestine" Wikipedia + The Origin of the Jewish People & the Land of Canaan David Storobin globalpolitician.com May06
Center for Strategic & International Studies CSIS "dedicated to providing world leaders with strategic insights on - & policy solutions to - current & emerging global issues" Washington
Chatham House "one of the world's leading organizations for the analysis of international issues" Royal Institute of International Affairs, London was riia.org subs + Middle-East & Rule
Conflicts Forum dialogue specialists UK + links
Daniel Pipes US "director of the Middle East Forum & prize-winning columnist" Imperial Israel: The Nile-to-Euphrates Calumny Middle East Quarterly Mar94 & "Islamism is fascism" Nov01 + Bibliographies * * * *
DEBKAfile "Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism, Security : We Start Where The Media Stop"
Deir Yassin Remembered How Palestine Became Israel play etc "April 9, 1948.. Deir Yassin was slated for occupation under Plan Dalet and the mainstream Jewish defense force, the Haganah, authorized the irregular terrorist forces of the Irgun and the Stern Gang to perform the takeover.. over 100 men, women, and children were systematically murdered" Deir Yassin Day commemorations UK + video + wikipedia + ETZEL Irgun hist + Ami Isseroff "Zionist" view Ariga
Demonstration in Jerusalem September 4, 2001 B Rosenfeld from newsp Novosty Nedely "The demonstration in support of the Idea of the State Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates was organised by the movement 'Bead Artzein' ('For the Homeland'), headed by rabbi and historian Avrom Shmulevic from Hebron"
the Dry Bones Blog cartoons + links
Electronic Iraq, Lebanon & Intifada, Voices in the Wilderness
Eretz "The magazine of Israel" Guides etc
Eretz Israel HaShlema / Greater Israel globalsecurity.org + maps + links *
ETZEL "Welcome to the Irgun site" Prof Yehuda Lapidot hist bk
Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! "Victory to the Intifada!" protest newsp Revolutionary Communist Group UK
Film: Caught in the Crossfire: The Untold Story of Falluja US 05 + Ahlaam Iraq 06 + Iraq: The Women's Story 06 + The Last Moon Palestine 04 etc Date Palm Film Festival; The Ground Truth + Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers etc "what happens to everyday Americans when corporations go to war" Brave New Films bravenewtheaters.com "World Changers: Our mission is to provide you with stories & organizing tools to bring attention to (& raise money for) the issues you care deeply about"; Arabs & Terrorism by Quilting Point Productions; A Letter to the Prime Minister: Jo Wilding's diary from Iraq Year Zero Films UK-Iraq 05 NewInt.org + links; Control Room "documentary film about Al Jazeera & its relations with the US Central Command" US-Egypt 04 Magnolia Pictures; The passion of Joshua the Jew 15C "The film's central message is the basis upon which to build a new theology that speaks to all" It-Spain + The tiger & the snow It-Iraq 05 Italian Film Festival; The Imam and the Pastor Muhammad Ashafa & James Wuye, Nigeria & Initiatives of Change; Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land: US Media & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict US 04 Media Education Foundation; Poison DUst Iraq War US 05 International Action Center; Iraq War Made Easy: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death alternet 07; ..
Firooz Zadeh bks Iran "Islam versus Terrorism: An Intimate View of Understanding Islam & the Culture of the Middle East" & "The Journey - An immigrant's Story - From Tehran to Twin Lakes to Tasman Bay" NZ
Foundation for Middle East Peace FMEP npo "that promotes an enduring Israeli-Palestinian peace, via two states, that brings security for Israel & freedom for Palestinians" WashDC
Foundation for Relief & Reconciliation in the Middle East FRRME "addresses the concerns of the Middle East by working with political & religious leaders while also partnering with organizations on a grassroots level in areas of political & humanitarian crises.. engages with established leadership while hearing & responding to the needs of the people in regions of conflict" Naaman Trust was Foundation for Reconciliation in the Middle East FRME "Canon White's work in Iraq has been foundational to the engagement of Sunni & Shia leaders with the new political process.. Never before has it been so important for the Abrahamic faiths to engage with one another" UK
FromOccupiedPalestine.org "independent online journal & resource archive of the Israel-Palestine conflict"
Future Israel Ahavat Israel "Beyond all of the differences that stand between us, we are all the children of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob. We are all one family, with one land, & one destiny" [lost Nov06
Gaza flooded after Israel opens dam gates "heavy rain in the region over the past 24 hours" presstv.ir 18Jan10 & 'Israel seeks more involvement in Afghan war' drones 22Jan10 & Hamas to stand firm until the very end, says Meshaal "We will not change until we have achieved the rights of our refugees outside Palestine and liberation of occupied territories.. and we will never recognize the Zionist entity" 22Jan10
GazaFreedomMarch.Org "International Coalition to End the Illegal Siege of Gaza formed after Israel's 22-day assault on Gaza in winter 2008-09"
GeorgeSoros.com Blinded by a concept "weaknesses of the war-on-terror"
Give Israel Your United Support GIYUS.org "Today's conflicts are won by public opinion. Now is the time to be active & voice Israel's side to the world" Megaphone desktop tool 4Windows + links
GlobalResearch.ca Middle East page Centre for Research on Globalization US
Gush Shalom "Israeli Peace Bloc"
Habonim-Dror youth & Kibbutz movements worldwide
Haaretz Daily Newspaper "Israeli News Source" Italian probe: Israel used new weapon prototype in Gaza Strip 11Oct06 + Hundreds of Palestinians riot over Temple Mount restrictions 13Oct06
The Hebrew Priestess Institute "Kohenet - A New Vision of Jewish Women's Spiritual Leadership. Embodied Jewish spiritual leadership, creativity and community from an earth-honoring, feminist perspective"
Sixth Herzliya Conference "The Balance of Israel's National Security" 21-24Jan06 Institute for Policy and Strategy + wikipedia "Israel's center stage for the articulation of national policy by its most prominent leaders"
Ibdaa Cultural Center "grassroots project of the people of dheisheh refugee camp in Palestine"
Ilan Pappe "one of the 'New Historians' who have re-examined and hold controversial views of the history of Israel and of Zionism" wikipedia + Israeli Jewish myths and the prospect of American war labournet Sep02
IMC Israel Independent Media
The Infidels "the origins of the underlying religious forces that are today driving Islamic terrorism" bk David Anderson + Jihad Watch "Study Claims Iraq's 'Excess' Death Toll Has Reached 655,000dedicated to bringing public attention to the role that jihad theology & ideology plays in the modern world, & to correcting popular misconceptions about the role of jihad & religion in modern-day conflicts. We hope to alert people of good will to the true nature of the present global conflict" blog
Informed Comment "Thoughts on the Middle East, History, & Religion" news aggregate blog Juan Cole Prof History Uni Michigan * * *
Initiatives of Change "Building trust across the world's divides ..building relationships of trust within communities, & in Britain's relations with the wider world" UK
International Middle East Media Centre IMEMC "collaboration between Palestinian & International journalists to provide an English language media coverage of Israel-Palestine"
Iraq Body Count iraqbodycount.org & iraqometer cost/stats + Study Claims Iraq's 'Excess' Death Toll Has Reached 655,000 Washington Post Oct06 * + Free Iraq "The US's occupation of Iraq will see to it that the Lion of Babylon rises again .." Imad Khadduri abutamam.blogspot.com + Baghdad Burning "..I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal & souls can mend.. Girl Blog from Iraq... let's talk war, politics & occupation" riverbendblog.blogspot.com
Iraq Freedom Congress "Working For a Democratic, Secular & Progressive Alternative to both the US Occupation & Political Islam in Iraq"
Iraqi Trade Union FWCUI Condemns Fuel Price Hikes, Corruption with Protest "government is increasing costs on all commodities, a move aimed at facilitating privatisation.. FWCUI has called for the end to the military occupation in Iraq, and believes it necessary that workers take a real and active role in determining the structures, labour laws, and constitution of the Iraqi government" International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine & General Workers' Unions ICEM news item 15Jan07 & ICEM Condemns Killings Within Iraq's Oil Industry 19Jan
Islam "considered an Abrahamic religion" Wikipedia
Islamism, fascism & terrorism x4 Marc Erikson Nov-Dec02 Asia Times Online Middle East
'Islamo-fascism' - The New Bogeyman: Daniel Pipes & the New Inquisition Behind the Headlines Nov01 & The Seeds of Fascism "'Lords of the Land' (the title of a new Hebrew book on the settlers' history, by Akiva Eldar & Idith Zertal), who got used to doing whatever crime & offense they wanted & being backed, or at least pardoned, by the state.. 'Every colonial nation carries the seeds of the Fascist temptation'" Jul05 antiwar.com + President Bush & Secretary of State Rice Discuss the Middle East Crisis "Islamic fascism" The Whitehouse Aug06 + The Trouble with Bush's 'Islamofascism' Katha Pollitt alternet / The Nation Aug06
Islam Online "global Islamic site" UK
Israel "the nation state of the indigenous people of Eretz Yisrael [Land of Israel]" Wikipedia + CIA World Factbook
Israel21c npo "nonpolitical ..to inform Americans about 21st century Israel, its people, its institutions & its contributions to global society" + links
Israel Defense Forces IDF "The Official Website" greatest policy influence
Israel Insider "Israel's daily newsmagazine"
Israel in the U.S. Empire "Americanization.." Monthly Review Mar07
Israel nation: see Recognition of 'Israel'? SHIP page 3c & colonial extracts 3f
Israel National Radio + Arutz Sheva Israel National News + Israel Radio
Israel News Agency "Terrorism IDF Internet"
Israel Studies "multidisciplinary scholarship on Israeli history, politics, society & culture" Indiana Uni Press & here Project Muse + Israel Studies at UCLA + Taub Center for Israel Studies at New York Uni + Assn for Israel Studies AIS + Yitzhak Rabin Center of Israel Studies + Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies JIIS, & many many more..
Israel / Palestine etc Transnational Institute, Netherlands
Israel Science & Technology Homepage "national database & directory of science & technology related sites in Israel.. includes sections on Jewish scientists & students in the Diaspora"
Israeli Apartheid Week IAW "launched in Toronto in 2005" 5th 1-8Mar09
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions ICAHD "non-violent, direct-action group originally established to oppose & resist Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes in the Occupied Territories"
Israeli - Palestinian ProCon.org "What are the solutions to the Israeli - Palestinian conflict?" * * * * *
Israelity "The reality of daily life in Israel isn't only politics & violence: it is commerce & research; art & culture; music & dance; community & family" blogs of israel21c.org "A focus beyond" Global Democracy + links + israelhightech.tv
Israel Vision "News: The Call - 30 years in the media" etc TV Jerusalem Vistas npo + Zion Jerusalem Watch & dvds The Deadly Peace Game,..
Isrealli "Video Blog.. project of the Israeli Consulate in New York City"
The Jerusalem File "The view from the Mid East" Wilf Dinnick blogs.abcnews.com
Jerusalem Post "Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East & the Jewish World" Map Of Israel & UN Report: 34,452 civilians killed last year in Iraq 16Jan07 & Iraq steps up anti-Israel boycott 19Mar07 + bks Codex Judaica: Chronological Index of Jewish History Rabbi Mattis Kanto etc + colonial extracts + Jerusalem Online "Your link to Israel" * * * * *
Jerusalem Summit "international forum seeking to develop moral and efficient strategies against twin dangers facing the mankind: totalitarianism of the East, as represented by radical Islam, and moral relativism of the West, aimed at depriving cultures of their spiritual content" + Humanitarian Paradigm De-politicization etc
Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles Israel in Crisis Fund & news JewishLA.org
Jewish Information & Referral Service jirs.org directory "made possible through the generosity & support of the Carl M Freeman Foundation.. A community service brought to you by The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington" [defunct?] portal jewishfedwash.org @ shalomdc.org United Jewish Communities
Jewish Left-Wing Community "Socialists, Anarchists, Social Democrats, Ecologists, Animal Rights Activists & Peaceniks" UK + What is Islam? "A Socialist opinion on this Religion.. towards Islam and towards Islamic movements one must take a course of total opposition.. There really is little or no proof that the Koran came from God and one could even see it as a form of blasphemy" !
Jewish Legion "fought in World War I against the Ottoman Empire" wikipedia
The Jewish Post of New York
Jewish Virtual Library "Cyber encyclopedia of Jewish history & culture that covers everything from anti-Semitism to Zionism ..(formerly JSOURCE) is a division of the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise" AICE
Jews for Justice in the Middle East "I believe, if I were Palestinian, that I would have long ago lost my patience. As an American, and a Christian, I am ashamed of what we have let happen here" cactus48.com booklet The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict "Israel must abide by the consensus of world opinion and withdraw to its 1967 borders" US
Jews Not Zionists etc - see Recognition of 'Israel'? SHIP page 3c
Jews United for Justice "Justice, justice shall you pursue.. Deut. 16:20" Washington DC + links
JohnMinto.org.nz "weekly column published in the Christchurch Press since January 2006" veteran activist blog record eg "Zionist Racism - 'The Arabs will have to go'" 13Jan09
Keren HaShlichut Israeli Assoc of Messianic Jewish Emissaries "bringing light to the nations ..national calling to bless" ShineTV
Lebanon for Beginners electronicintifada.net + 2nd Lebanon War Jul/Aug06 jpost + Watching Lebanon: Washington's interests in Israel's war Seymour Hersh Aug06 newyorker.com + Lebanese-Forces.org "Official Website" + Robert Fisk Pity the Nation: Lebanon at War Oxford Paperbacks Oct01 + One Ring to Rule Them Informed Comment "Thoughts on the Middle East, History, & Religion" Juan Cole blog 06Aug06 + Israel's DM reiterates continuation of overflights "until the issue of UN supervision on the Syria-Lebanon border is resolved" xinhuanet.com Oct06 + frogblog talk + see Bill Harris + Deaths rise in Lebanon fighting "worst internal violence since the 1975-1990 civil war" tvnz.co.nz 13Jul07
Maariv International "Saudi Arabia remains at war with Israel, & continues to provide major financial support to terrorists. It's time to take on the last remaining enemy of the 1948 war" newsp 09Sep04 [Eng.defunct?] try nrg.co.il + maarivintl.com or Maarivenglish.com travel portal + wikipedia
Masada2000.org "Israel 101: A Survival Kit For Dummies - The Voice Of Reality - History & Geography of Israel & Palestine. Also... Zionism, Refugees, PLO, Terrorism, Arab-Israeli Conflict" + History of Israel & "Palestine"
TheMediaLine.org "The Mideast news source"
Messiah Truth "A Jewish Response to Missionary Groups"
Messianic Jewish settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque "Settlers incursions into the mosque compound coupled with the takeover of church property in Jerusalem are perceived as part of the plan to transform a multi-religious and multi-cultural city into a 'reunified' Jewish city under the exclusive control and sovereignty of Israel" The Palestine Project 16Oct19 * * * * *
Middle-East "Bahrain, Egypt, Iran/Persia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, United Arab Emirates, & Yemen" wikipedia * * * * *
Middle East libcom.org labour news eg Histadrut Labor Federation
The Middle East in Bible Prophecy free booklet The Good News mag
Middle-East-Info.org MEI "Middle East regimes & terrorism.. Israel is a front line in the Islamo-fascist global war against freedom"
The Middle East Media Research Institute MEMRI TV Monitor Project "bridges the language gap which exists between the West & the Middle East, providing timely translations of Arabic, Persian, & Turkish media, as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, & religious trends in the Middle East" memritv.org
Middle East News Agency MENA Egypt + Islamic News Agency INA & Pan-African News Agency PANA & Non-Aligned News Agencies Pool & Federation of Arab News Agencies FANA & Assn of Mediterranean News Agencies AMAN
Middle East News and Current Affairs on Monsters and Critics US-UK
The Middle East & the World Five Years After 9/11 Richard Falk Sep06 Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Chair wagingpeace.org
MidEast Web for Coexistence "Middle East / Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.. Balanced News. Facts, History, Opinions, Peace Education & Dialogue" Portal + 'Islamo-Fascism' I-IV & Middle East News Service & Analysis "independent.. concentrates on providing alternative information chiefly from Israeli sources.. sponsored by the Australian Jewish Democratic Society"
Milingua "Learn a language on the Web - wherever you are, whenever you want" Hebrew French English + HebrewOnline.com "best teachers in Israel" + Learn Hebrew Pod "Learn to Speak Hebrew with Audio Lessons"
eNativ "the Blocking Sites program" links + Babakama.co.il + "strictly kosher" shopstar.co.il e-commerce
News all types & sources not Middle East - InfoHelp link page
Niall Ferguson Uni Oxford Professor Modern History Faculty & John E. Herzog Family Chair in Financial History Stern School of Business New York Uni + "The House of Rothschild: Money's Prophets 1798-1848" + "House of Rothschild: The World's Banker, 1849-1998" + "The Cash Nexus: Money & Politics in Modern History, 1700-2000" + "The World's Banker" + "Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World" + "Empire: The Rise & Demise of the British World Order & the Lessons For Global Power" + "The Pity of War: Explaining World War I" + "Virtual History: Alternatives & Counterfactuals" + Colossus: The Price of America's Empire Penguin Press May04 @amazon.co.uk
The Noah Project "Jewish Education, Celebration & Action for the Earth" London + links
OneVoice "grassroots movement working with ordinary Israelis & Palestinians, deploying cutting edge technology, electronic democracy, a network of member organizations, & a broad cadre of experts, dignitaries, celebrities & spiritual leaders, to enable citizens to craft a public consensus around issues at the heart of the conflict" IBM/OneVoice Portal
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights PCHR "promoting the rule of law & upholding democratic principles in the Occupied Palestinian Territory" Gaza City + Al Mezan Center for Human Rights "Toward.. Economic, Social & Cultural Rights"
Palestine Crisis "News, Views & Analysis from Occupied Palestine" arena.org.nz + "Democracy" Can Never Take Root On Stolen Land Aziz Choudry May02
Palestine Facts "dedicated to providing comprehensive & accurate info regarding the historical, military, & political background to the on-going struggle between the State of Israel & the Palestinian Arabs. The situation is complex with deep & diverse roots. By using the resources of this large & growing site, you can become much more knowledgable about what is going on & why" + Human rights in Gaza & Israel during the hostilities gazaeng.blogspot.com * * * *
Palestinian Left: Lost Opportunity for Relevance Ramzy Baroud scoop.co.nz 9Jul07 + PalestineChronicle.com
The Palestine Monitor "The voice of civil society" Health, Development, Info & Policy Institute POBox1351 Ramallah Palestine, Dr Mustafa Barghouthi, Sec Palestinian National Initiative almubadara.org
Palestine News Agency WAFA Gaza
Palestine Human Rights Campaign Aotearoa New Zealand palestine.org.nz & Boycott Israeli Goods Aotearoa big.org.nz + StopTheWall.org Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
Palestine Press News Agency PalPress.ps Fatah Gaza + Saddam is Hanged for His Crimes, Who will Hang Bush/Blair for Theirs?
PalestineRemembered.com "Home of All Ethnically Cleansed Palestinians" *
Palestinian Center for Policy & Survey Research "independent nonprofit institution & think tank of policy analysis & academic research ..units focus on current public policy issues with a special reliance on empirical research as the tool to advance scholarship & understanding" Ramallah PLA etc
Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue & Democracy MIFTAH "non-governmental non-partisan Jerusalem-based institution dedicated to fostering democracy & good governance within Palestinian society through promoting public accountability, transparency, the free flow of information & ideas, & the challenging of stereotyping at home & abroad.. Reinforcing the Palestinian state-building process through ensuring democratic practices, the rule of law, & respect for human rights" + Is the Iraq War Linked to the Arab-Israeli Conflict? 16Dec06
Palestinian National Liberation Movement "Revolution until victory" Fatah fateh.net & AlAqsaIntifada.org + Addameer "Prisoners' Support and Human Rights Assn" + PA etc links
Palestinian Nongovernmental Organization Network PNGO "civil and democratic body, which seeks to support, consolidate and strengthen the Palestinian civil society on the basis of the principles of democracy, social justice and sustainable development" + The Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network PENGON "non-profit, non-governmental organization whose role is to serve the Palestinian environment by acting as a coordinating body for the Palestinian environmental organizations located in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (West Bank and Gaza Strip)" & Apartheid Wall Campaign + Women for Palestine "network of Australian women who stand for nonviolence & human rights in the Holy Land" Melbourne + Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign ipsc.ie Dublin + Free Gaza Movement "human rights group that in August 2008 sent the first international boats to land in the port of Gaza in 41 years. We want to break the siege of Gaza.. to raise international awareness about the prison-like closure of the Gaza Strip and pressure the international community to review its sanctions policy and end its support for continued Israeli occupation" freegaza.org + freepalestine.myfreeforum.org + VivaPalestina.org "a lifeline from Britain to Gaza" & VivaPalestinaNola.org
"Americans for Peace Now - Secure the Dream" 1981 for Shalom Achshav "Israeli pacifists for Palestinian self-determination within 1967 borders" wiki
Peace profession religion & war - InfoHelp link page
Presstv.ir "Heeding the often neglected voices & perspectives of a great portion of the world; Embracing & building bridges of cultural understanding"
RadioNZ "Iraq we can reach through Jerusalem, not directly" Islam scholar interview06 repeat aired c10.10-30am 5Jan07
Ramallah Online Forums, news + links
Ramattan News Agency and Media Services, Gaza Ramallah Cairo etc
Refuser Solidarity Network "2002 to provide support for the growing Refuser Movement in Israel"
Russia's Israeli Oil Bond Sam Vaknin globalpolitician.com 14Aug06
StandWithUs.com "advocacy organization that promotes education & understanding that will bring a secure future for Israel & her neighbors"
US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation "diverse coalition working for freedom from occupation & equal rights for all by challenging US policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Campaign is based on human rights & international law, providing a non-sectarian framework for everyone who supports its Call to Action. Its strategy is to inform, educate, & mobilize the public so as to change the US role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to support peace, justice, human rights, & international law" endtheoccupation.org
US, Israel Sign Science-Technology Cooperation Agreement "Earth science & water resources.. Future collaboration may include evaluating new geophysical tools to locate ground water resources, locating sinkholes forming along the margins of the Dead Sea prior to ground failure & damage to the region's infrastructure & evaluating the environmental impacts of developing a canal between the Dead & Red Seas" USINFO Middle East & North Africa 09Sep04
WarOnJihad.com WoJ: News on the, & "History of Islam" fear jihad
The WatchmansPost.com "Christian / Messianic End Time Messenger!" + hatikvah4secularjews.com "Jewish, curious, intelligent, secular, open to convincing concepts, in search of the Truth" & The Global Green Agenda "certain aspects of the modern green movement.. permeating every segment of our society are not about protecting the environment.. an agenda of fear and control"
What Is the Difference Between Sunni & Shiite Muslims -- & Why Does It Matter? History News Network, George Mason Uni + BBC intro
WhyIslam.org "Your Resource to Valuable Information on Islam" + links
World Jewish Congress "international organization whose mission is to address the interests & needs of Jews & Jewish communities throughout the world. Founded in Geneva in 1936"
World Zionist Organization Hagshama Department "The quickest way to get to Israel!" + The Jewish Agency "global partnership committed to the Jewish future that stands on a history-making track record.. has brought 3 million people to Israel; we have built a nation.. we believe that Israel stands at the heart of the Jewish future ..global Jewish family is in decline.. losing more than 100 Jews every day" Jerusalem
Ynetnews "Israel News" Yedioth Internet + Torah debate * * *
Zionism On The Web "Resources, News & Views on Zionism & Israel" + Zionism & Israel Info Center Biography History etc & ZioNation "Progressive Zionism & Israel Web Log" + Brave Zionism
Zionist Organization of America "The oldest, & one of the largest, pro-Israel/ Zionist organizations in the United States.. assists interested parties to become involved in Zionism" 1897 & wikipedia + Hadassah "The Women's Zionist Organization of America" + American Zionist Movement "coalition of groups & individuals committed to Zionism" The Jerusalem Program & links + Union of Progressive Zionists "North American network of Jewish student activists who have organized around principles of social justice & peace in Israel & Palestine" wikipedia + Out of Zion "Messianic Ministry located in Israel" Mt Carmel
A Zionist War "occupation of Iraq" Kristoffer Larsson israelshamir.net
2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict "July War" / LW2 wikipedia

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