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Regional Wine InfoHelp link pages
Canterbury Wine 74 label/co's + wine-related
Otago Wine 69 label/co's + wine-related
Marlborough Wine 128 label/co's + wine-related
Nelson Wine 40 label/co's + wine-related
North Island Wine label/co's + wine-related

ABCpacific "NZ's more than 300 wineries are producing an increasing volume of high quality wines" links
Australian & NZ Grapegrower & Winemaker "the oldest & biggest selling publication for the Australian & NZ winegrape & winemaking industries. The recognised major source of practical & technical information for vignerons, it has been published since 1963" + info + links * * *
Australian & NZ Wine Industry Journal from WineTitles & Winebiz websites Aus
Australian Wine & Brandy Corp AWBC + Australian Wine Export Council + news + links * * *
Australian Wine Industry Expo Barossa 2003 + links *
Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference AWITC & Trade Exhibition
Berry Bros & Rudd "Fine Wine Merchant" UK
Bibendum "The premier wine merchant in London & the UK"
Bonny Doon Vineyard "Sanity is for the boring" quirky US
California Wine & Food NZ Wineries etc
Cbel bulk link index sales "Wine from NZ" lists * * ?
Cellarmasters "The Wine Cellar, Your on-line wine specialists" Aus + wine club
Clos Pepe Vineyards NZ Wine & other indexes CA
Cool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute CCOVI Brock University & Wine Council of Ontario / Grape Growers Marketing Board + Wine Region Travel + links * "the route to all good wine" mag online UK + NZ's 2003 vintage stats * * * *
Enjoying Viognier "a unique website dedicated to just one grape variety & to all those who enjoy the wines produced from it" US
ENTAV National Technical Assn for Viticultural Improvement "certified clones" etc France
The Essential Wine Tasting Guide book Glen Green, Vinum Vitae Aus
Fine Wine Accessories "wines related gifts & accessories.. buy online" UK
The Flat Wine Co "The Art of Recycling" flattened bottle collecting UK
Grapeseek "We unite grape growers from around the world" US + links
HDRA Organic Wine Club Henry Doubleday Research Assn UK + NZ links * *
International Wines Inc IWI: US index "Wineries of NZ" A-Z + links "fine writing on fine wines" UK + merchant directory "your best choice for drinks industry news, analysis & research" UK * * * "providing info about NZ wines to consumers in America & whoever else has an interest" Errol, Washington DC dir + info + links * * The Brilliants Wine Merchants UK + regions
Local Wine "Wine Dinners, Tastings, Classes & Education" diary + info * * * * *
National Wine & Grape Industry Centre Research Training etc Aust + Sustainable Viticulture * * * * *
NZ Wine Distribution Co "exclusive importer" UK
NZWines:Canada "The premier web site about NZ wines that can be purchased in Canada" news etc + links * * * *
Oddbins UK-wide + Calais
Patty's Pinot Closet "The French make Burgundies (Pinot Noir) for themselves & they make Clarets (Cabernet Sauvignon) for the English.. Pinot Noir: An iron fist in a velvet glove" CA US
Penfolds Aus
Popping Corks "The Internet's Wine Review Directory" US
Rock Creek Wine Merchants NZ imports US
The Southern Hemisphere Wine Co "the largest collection of wines.. South African, Australian, NZ, Chile & Argentina wine online" CA NZ Aust & Sth African wine sales US? (old)
The Spirituality of Wine bk Tom Harpur 2004 Can
Travel Envoy's Wine Guide "a Winery Guide & Directory" US Can Aus NZ lists + links * * * *
Umbria Epicure Perugia & Aus
The Uncorked Cellar "software for managing your wine collection" NZ Links Aust * * - NZ listing + links * * *
Vinexpo Bordeaux 22-26Jun03 + Chicago04 + Asia-Pacific no NZ! * * * NZ wine page, regions info US "The Global Wine, Spirits & Beer Web Portal" US "Buy a Wine Gift, Join Clubs Online - Ship now" US "Wines of France"
the Wine Anorak "one of the most interesting & comprehensive wine resources on the web" Jamie Goode UK + The NZ Screwcap Initiative + links
Wine Business Online "News & Info for Wine Industry Professionals" Wine Communications Group CA * * * * * "special wines that attract a cult-like following can be found via the world connection" buy sell US
Wine Industry Jobs "the most cost effective way to search for staff, & to advertise jobs within Australia, NZ & overseas" + links * * * *
Wine Institute "The Voice of California Wine.. Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Practices" + stats etc * * * * * Robin Garr + links
Wine Making & Beer Brewing "Products & Resources" shop forum NY + "Sponsor Links"
Wine Spectator Online "The Most Comprehensive Wine Website in the World" US **
WineWeb "Worldwide database of Wineries, Winery Search.. showcases wine" Santa Fe
Women for Winesense "offering a balanced view of the social & health effects of moderate wine consumption" US *

InfoHelp link pages
Agriculture Farm/stays etc
Canterbury Wine 68 label/co's + wine-related
Environment landscape, wildlife etc
Food & Drink Restaurants, Weddings etc.
Horticulture Marketing, Research, Academic, Technology etc
Industry & Transport
Marlborough Wine 128 label/co's + wine-related
Nelson Wine 40 label/co's + wine-related
NZ Viticulture
Winegrapes are one of NZ's fastest-growing horticultural sectors $275M exports 02. Integrated Winegrape Production Scheme MAF: Production, Trade & Prices; grape planting statistics up 37% 2000-02; but 35% drop in 2003 grape harvest due to frost damage, though "Central Otago wine bucks national trend". NZ Grape Vine Improvement Group "promotes the use of high health grapevine planting material of known origin to the wine industry of NZ through a number of District Grape Vine Improvement Groups (DGVIG) that collectively make up the NZ Grape Vine Improvement Group Inc. (NZGVIG)" Blenheim vine info + Diseases of Grapevines * * * * *
Grapevine Diseases in NZ HortFACT 1997 HortResearch Viticulture + mulch & Mulch for Sustainable Production booklet
Sustainable Winegrowing NZ "best practice model", was NZIWP, membership list: Fiddlers Green foundation member, Montana Wines - Environment, Sileni Estates, Amisfield Arrowtown, to be cont'd...
Agriquality Wine & Viticulture links etc + organics + Certenz
NZ Symposium for Viticulture & Oenology publication / see regional Wine page academies for technical info eg Canty - Lincoln Uni * * * * *
NZ Food Safety Authority Wine * * * * *
ACI Glass Packaging Ackd; NZ Screwcap Wine Seal Initiative & UK + Screw solutions NZ Listener 19Jul03 + Death of the Cork US event
Carter Holt Harvey Packaging cardboard wine sections
"New research shows regular wine drinkers in the UK are becoming more adventurous when looking for new regions or varieties. A Wine Intelligence report shows frequent purchasers now spend an average of 4.92 (NZ$15) per bottle. The biggest drinkers are the under-45 singles or married couples with no children, who favour white wines and provide the backbone of the market for NZ wines" + US.. MarketNZ * * * Food & Beverages: Global Update 22May03 + NZ wines stake claim in European heartland 16Jul03
Overseas Investment Commission Feb03 decisions etc reviews by Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa CAFCA search

Viticulture / fruit quality is driven by:
* climate / water / soil
* trellis design / irrigation systems / pruning
* light levels
* pest and diseases management
* nutrients / fertiliser
* crop protection
* adverse events, risk management
* Management decisions in wine / hort production, also affected by:
* markets / consumer preferences / packaging / cool chain systems, storage, tecnological advances
* informed management practices, trade environment, intellectual property rights

Problems faced, and some solutions, are:
* Pests & Disease / Soil Fertility:
Vineyard & Orchard Understoreys for Sustainable Pest & Disease Management ; Optimisation of nitrogen from winter cover crops & use by subsequent crops ; Pyne Gould Guinness Seeds incl vineyard & orchard cover crops + links ; Vineyard grasses & work surfaces uneven = management issues ; Shafer Vineyards Has An Unusual Job for Owls ; See Organics page esp Enviroblast treatment & vs aermillaria & phytopthora
* Vegetarian wine? "Achieving clarity with fining agents" Montana
* Frost damage reducing crops; maintaining export quality & quantity together: Frost Protection techniques listed under InfoHelp Weather link page ; Vineyards diversify into other crops & stock to ameliorate harvest damage risk ; Careful terrain search beforehand to avoid cold air pool & stream areas
* Water shortages:
InfoHelp Environment - Sustainability link page section
* Labour shortages:
Central Otago is underpopulated with vineyard workers ; Contractor growth+ blamed for "underpaid vineyard workers in Marlb'rgh" 01Jul03
* Toxins leaching into soil from treated wooden posts noticed in Marlb'rgh:
Biotrans International "Field Liner solution to woodpole decay" vs leaching ; See Organics page esp Enviroblast decontamination
* Not enough of these posts were produced to meet demand in Central Otago:
* Half-round substitute posts are destroyed by mechanical harvesters:
Many metal trellis stake brands are on the market; A solution drawn from the Italian kiwifruit industry is to use concrete posts eg: Agpole System "For vineyards & kiwifruit orchards" Duraset + info + tools ****
* Currency rise forces choice of lower returns or higher prices (lost market share):
Strong Dollar Means Wine Exports Face Unpalatable Choices HortNews 10Jul03 ; For many reasons, internationally, the gold rush appears over ; Growing new markets must now be accessed, or further investment discouraged ; 20 years ago the government was funding vine removal, to raise quality ; The NZ wine industry is well poised to expand good relations with Asia

Market competition
Australia: AWEC sets export target "to step up marketing in Nth America & cont'al Europe in an effort to achieve total exports of A$3 billion.. current sales of A$2.4 billion.. hampered by the strong local currency" 28Jul03 UK
New competition slows California wine exports "Australia & Chile" The Business Journal - Serving Stanislaus & San Joaquin County Mar02
When the dollar gets uncorked "Currency drop ripples down the supermarket wine aisle" MSNBC News 14May03 US * * *
Wine in China - 2003 UK * * * *
US wine industry urged to export 03Mar03 UK
Pinot Noir 2004 28-31Jan04 2nd international conference, after Pinot Noir 2001 Wgtn + lists + links * * * * * [lost 05]
Grape glut crushes wine price Daily Telegraph 14Jan06 Aus

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North Island Wine label/co's + wine-related
Otago Wine 69 label/co's + wine-related
Organics Product, Sustainability etc
Region District profiles, maps etc
Weather Local conditions, Water Climate, Frost Protection + risk *
Red winegrapes The Southern Wine ExperienceTM
guided vineyard tours : Otago Canterbury Marlborough Nelson
Email: SWENZ
White winegrapes

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