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Linux Support & Links
Available in Canterbury
Actrix Wgtn
AkaroaNZ "Akaroa's Own ISP" + E-Web "national service" w/TelstraClear
BayCity Internet & Multimedia & BayCity NZ Broadband Satellite Tech +
Cave Rock Internet L4 88 Division St
Compass tolls & toll-free data fax etc
Diggy "NZ (Chch) Branch of a Multinational Web Development Co" + Training +OSS
E3 "The Hassle Free ISP" high speed nationwide
'Freebie' #1: freenet - cost $0.00 < 200 mins or $14.75 > 200 mins per month
(ihug "smart solutions" jobs news links + ltd wireless) Vodafone 2006
ISPNZ nationwide Gore
Lynx Internet Bealey Ave
Orcon Internet Ackd + news etc +OSS
Plain Communications & CyberXpress with NZine ezine & local web search
Quik Internet POBox 10-028 Chch Ackd LA
Slingshot "Flat-Rate Dialup.. $16.95" Ackd
Snap Internet "Your Gateway to the World" merged iNet & NetAccess L4 88 Division St Riccarton 086722222 3702828 + webhost plesk +++FOSS & wireless + Scorch Communications "fast, affordable rural broadband" * * *
Skinny Jump "low-cost prepaid broadband service for eligible Kiwi homes" 4G & sparknz news 18Mar20 + thru steppingup & stepahead etc * * * * *
Telecom ISP Xtra DNS / 156.72 + free broadband modem JetStream "high-speed Internet access" + Xtra Wireless news 30Dec03
TelstraClear DNS / 37.1 & Dialup & High speed Plans + PDQ free modem = Vodafone Jul12 * * *
Stuff Fibre "a better, simpler internet experience"
Thanks (Telstra)-Clear for all those enriching Zfree months. You really had something there... So long
Unleash "NZ Colocation, Internet Access, Web Hosting & Business ISP Services" Ackd Wgtn Chch +FOSS + xone mobile app development
Web Drive "Web Hosting & nz Domains"
WirelessWeb "Wireless Broadband Service Provider, supplying high speed internet to Christchurch & rural Canterbury" Wairarapa Internet Services "providing NZ wide connectivity" + wireless
+ see InfoHelp Wireless page link

Other NZ
CityLink "metropolitan network in Wellington" local Christchurch Internet Exchange CHIX "APE route servers" + Southland & NZwide + Free Peering Project "info on public, neutral Internet Exchanges" in NZ "CityLink, operators of the APE & WIX"
Earthlight Communications 82 Parry St Dunedin +Linux + links
Enternet Online Ltd EOL Tauranga
IGRIN "Northlands ISP"
PlaNet FreeNZ Ackd Linux-friendly * * * * *
REAP-ISP Rural Education Activities Programme Taupo
Scorch "wireless internet to Otago's rural areas" 24 McBride St Dunedin
Tasman Solutions Nelson
Tnet Ackd
Web World Ackd
Wired Country wireless or fibre Franklin & Papakura
Wireless Nation "Broadband for Home Users ..anywhere in NZ" satellite Hmltn
Hardware: "Ethical, open & built to last.. social enterprise.. building a movement for fairer electronics" Amsterdam
Two Degrees "texts are just 9c a text to any NZ network"
Skinny 0204 prepaid SIM phone $4 weekly combos Free Skinny-Skinny calling in NZ $5 top-ups etc + broadband Xtra-lite
Telecom mobile "super fast" Smartphone Network ready to roam
Vodafone NZ "For Broadband, mobile phones, home phone, plans & data" international 4G & Free2TXT "from Vodafone's website to any Vodafone mobile"
The Digital Lab trading as Kiwilink SMS Text Messaging "is a powerful marketing & communication channel to send reminders, alerts & notifications to customers.. network access is to all major networks in NZ" Ackd + MessageMedia "NZ's Business SMS Specialist" Vic UK US + Texta HQ "Text marketing, sms marketing, mobile marketing automation" + "Text SMS Solution Provider in NZ" + SMSGlobal "Global SMS & MMS Gateway with APIs - New Zealand" Vic UAE UK + "SMS Text Messaging Service.. Worldwide" Country Codes etc Can + Email-To-SMS AVTECH Software "The World's Largest Online Directory of TAP Dialup Numbers" + Open Email to SMS Service & Email to SMS Gateways, Complete List "one of the most competitive" + SMS via Internet Singapore + Text For Free .net US + US+ + Text Free Online .com "Send Free Text Messages. TextFree with realtime replies" pay + Messagenet Talk "Talk & text for free with your PC, iPhone or iPad" + HeyWire "Social Messaging Hub - Free Texting, Free SMS in 45+ Countries, plus Facebook Chat & Twitter" Google Play + "Send Free SMS Text Messages - Free Text Messaging - Group Texting" US+ + + "Send text messages SMS to cell phone" US + SMS-Scheduler "broadcast SMS messages.. from your PC" personalized & automated Airquace Technologies Singapore + free demo version [defunct]
Send SMS messages from Linux HowTo.Gumph.Org (old) + Sending and Receiving SMS from your Linux Computer Jul09 & + How to Use a Linux PC to Send and Receive SMS Messages (Non-Developer's Perspective) 12pp + Sending Text Messages Without a Cellphone Jun09 + [GW]ammu "program to manage data in your cell phone such as contacts, calendar or messages" + Linux Applications & Tools for Smart Messaging System - SMS +++FOSS
Poll Everywhere "Simple Text Message Polling" international

Info 2.0 Aug08 "working together to make NZ a leader in the digital world & to create a prosperous, sustainable & vibrant society - smarter through digital" Community Partnership Fund & Nov08 Broadband Investment Fund Expressions of Interest EOI Application Results for the BIF etc "the story of NZ's Internet and how it changed our Nation"
New Zealand DSL "Broadband Speedtest" [e.g. Snap 6.83Mbps d/l, .68Mbps u/l 151112] + EOL Ookla Speed Test [e.g. Snap 6.8Mbps d/l, .67Mbps u/l 151112]
NZ ISP Map Barry Murphy + Topo Map + links
NZ Internet Connected Organisations search & stats

Saturn Media Mobile Email Campaign Management System Ackd "Partners with NZTE for the release of the official NZ Mobile internet site for the world expo in Japan" cam-scan product barcodes for website info - new sales standard Tutorials Diagnostics ADSL SSH Tools, CGI Scripts, FTP Uploading, Using Webmail & Email, Site Statistics, Glossary + downloads * * * * * "The Global Broadband Speed Test" [e.g. Snap 6.9Mbps d/l, .69Mbps u/l 151112] + "Broadband Speed Test" [e.g. Snap 6.63Mb/s d/l, .58Mb/s u/l 151112]
Whirlpool "Australian Broadband News"

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