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Canterbury / NZ see & do
DriveThru "initiative of the Children's & Youth Advocacy Team of the Christchurch City Council - it is to help give our young people a voice and to connect them with the decision makers of the city of Christchurch"
eTime "inspiring & educating children, their teachers & parents, while using the latest technologies" 17 Armagh St Chch
Fatcat & Fishface "Horrible Songs For Children" etc Wgtn
Kid's Zone electricity explained EnergyInfoNZ
Kidz Zone Wellington Public Library interactive centre + links
Pulse/Auaha "a website for teenagers... created by Chch City Libraries in consultation with teens from Chch"
Science Alive "to promote the value of science & technology through interactive experiences" The NZ Science Centre 392 Moorhouse Ave w/Hoyts8 Chch
subvert "Young? Creative? Ambitious? Use the media to get your creativity in front of the whole country" [08 defunct]
Zoom Zoom Mazda online story-telling

Bridgestone online "race car game" running Flash
get a life! 91ZM radio station promotional car game on Chch streets
Kids Central Nestle NZ + activities
Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator for PCs UK
MixingSoup St Bedes jesters [defunct]
PopCap "web games" Seattle * * *
shockwave online animated games
There "the first online getaway that gives you the freedom to play & talk naturally while having fun & making friends" US * * *
Whales Revenge petition & game Aus

CBeebies BBC
Dark Side of the Net "be afraid - be very afraid!" - not
Pingu's Online World "The South Pole will never be quite the same again"
X2 X-men #2 movie
Educational world
Aggie Horticulture Just for Kids Texas A&M Uni Hort Program + HortWeb Environment InfoHelp link page
Bob the Builder puzzles etc * * * * *
Calf Club "a day.. to encourage children to take an active interest in the welfare & presentation of an animal of their choice for a community day at their school" rural
Co-ops 4 Kids "working together to meet.. common needs" NSW Govt Dept of Co-operatives
Lego "play on"
Mathsweek "free resources for teachers.. activities & competitions for students" 11-15Aug08 + links
My Home Library "bookplates to stick in your favourite books" Anne Fine UK Children's Laureate 2001-3 + links
Netsafe "Shaping Cybersafety" NZ Internet Safety Group * * * * *
Oxygen smoking facts Australia
Physics Education Technology project PhET simulations Uni Colorado +FOSS Java/Flash Kavli Foundation
Reef ED "multimedia education program prepared by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority" Townsville, Queensland Australia
SciTech CERN science education site (Swiss/French) "The Hot Site for Cool Science"
Sesame Workshop Sesame Street US
Squeakland"helping children learn to think better & deeper than most adults can" FOSS + Squeak downloads * * * * *
ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Library homework project search US
UpToTen "over 600 age-appropriate learning games" etc Mauritius
The Wiggles online games "Let's PLAY!" Aus

Robosapien "A Fusion of Technology & Personality.. full function fast moving robot minion" from Wow Wee @ Toyworld $160 + review BoysStuff UK + pix Solarbotics

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