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CompTIA Linux+ Certified 2003
Canterbury Linux Users Group uni mail-list was (defunct) last met@ Twisted Hop in Poplar Lane ~7pm c2007? 17th monthly CLUG Wiki archive thank you Waikato Linux Users Group! (temp store defunct) was (defunct) open docs ex (defunct) + Gentoofests ~Aug03 15May04 09Apr05 Sat?May06 + Installfest educ days 20Jul02 16Mar03 + 17Jul04 Maths & CompSci bldg UoC + no 05 + extra Mailing List Archives 2 & 1 + CLUG server shell a/c's (defunct) & Tutorial on portscanning for security testing (defunct) + meeting pix 1 until 201? Bush Inn meetup + Feb 2024 CLUG Reunion & Mar24 CLUG meetup ... * * * * *
Sydenham GNU/Linux Users GLU Freenix workshops monthly * * * * *
NZ Python User Group NZPUG "programming language.. network of people, opportunities & ideas" Chch Ackd Rotorua & Tim Knapp Emerge Technology Plone "state-of-the-art open source CMS"
Christchurch Tech Events calendar @ Canterbury Innovation Incubator Cii via Pete & "Personalised Twitter badges, images & banners for forums, MySpace & websites! ..because the internet needs more twitter" * * *
Andrew Errington car MP3 player wx etc
Andrew Gordon + links
Andrew Tarr "under the hood, a GNU/Linux system is a frightful mess when it comes to useability.."
Andy Leach GPS travel pix etc
Bluewater Systems "ARM RISC processor technology" Brad Beveridge
[Brian Moyse Christchurch City Linux Guide sadly gone ->Oz c01-05]
Caleb Sawtell Acorn Drop blender game
Chris Sawtell "Microsoft.. irresposible nutters who should either be thrown in the slammer, or commited to an asylum. Don't consort with them, or you'll get corrupted" slashdot + C Lesson 1993 * * * * *
Carey Evans IT architect + links
Carl Turney Bottom-line Ownership & Management Services [defunct c2011 EQNZ -> Oz]
Craig Falconer various useful & fun stuff + The "Network Security & Network Management, including Firewall Security, & secure Remote Access" 320 Manchester St
Dale DuRose "Web Design & Development, Network Admin, C, Perl, PHP Programming, MySQL SQL Database Management, Linux, FreeBSD, Generic Unix Administration, XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.1 & CSS" + Octoo Multimedia User Interface
Dale Robinson "Powered by Debian GNU/Linux"..
Dave Lane OERF & ex Egressive "Linux Systems, Solutions & Webware" L4 Kenton Chambers 190 Hereford St + NZ Flying Disc Assn NZFDA
Dave Mateer ex-Scotland passing thru..
David Kirk How to Prepare for an Installfest Open Source Technology Centre [retired Sep04]
Davin Pearson "The Nutty Professor.. NZ's foremost expert in Stallman's Emacs text editor" LISP etc & Website Design Co
Don & Joanna Gould Think Community Networks "helping people create their own broadband community network" & Think Design Print "Vision without action is merely a dream" & Linux Education Session of
Don "IT support for small to medium businesses & education"
DOunSix consultants Edgeware & links + Advanced Business Computing
E-caf surf & distro CDs Arts Centre L2/28 Worcester Boulevard Paul Swafford
Effusion Group "Brokering Open IT Systems" David Lane + free weekly Open Source Cafe + OpenStrategy
Eliot Blennerhassett Mandrake ADVX
Express Data Suite 5 L1 37 Manderville St s/ware incl SUSE LINUX
FAB Software "Excellent Financial Planning tools" L2 64 Cashel St + ForteCrm "CRM web solutions" on Wine
Firetrust Nick Bolton MailWasher filter L2 Strategy Bldg 374 Montreal St
FishNet Computer Services "We do IT for you.. homes & small offices in Chch" Robert Fisher + Linux Notes "Kent Fredric's Eternal Work-In-Progress" perl etc
Gadgets Software Network Intelligence "traffic measurement & visualisation tool" Cisco routers + BBNFC
GI Solutions "System Integrator, Support, Network Equipment Supplier" Gabriel Ionescu 1/415 Gloucester St Lindows + links
Glynn Foster "Life is so good, it gets better everyday..." OpenSolaris & UoC
Hadley Rich nice technology services "Linux solutions, Asterisk PBX systems, website design & optimisation" & nicegear VoIP etc Timaru
Hugh McColl Chch Robotics "unofficial page"
Iannz page Ian Laurenson
Infohorse "Internet enabled racing industry management software" Harness Racing NZ Chch
iopen OSS implementer co Chch
Jamie Dobbs Mambo CMS test-site
Jasper B-G
Karaitiana Taiuru: PC Bargains CDs h/ware etc & Net Home Internet Solutions
Kent Fredric KENTNL Perl Modules
Kerry & Associates "Financial Models for Better Decisions" Chch
Lee Begg's Blog "Electronic & Computer System Research & Design" etc
Linux for Schools Chch College of Education Dovedale Ave Ilam
LinuxMax "Maximising your Linux experience" Open Office NZ distributor Chch Stuart MacIntosh
Lucid Information Systems "consultation, set up & maintenance" turnkey etc
Michael JasonSmith OnlineGroups.Net "Connecting People & Ideas"
Midnight Commander & Slackware Linux etc Keith McGavin Life In The Cultlane blog "Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?"
Neville Paintin Weather & Aviation etc + links collaborative professional learning "powered by Supportu Technology Service Company"
Nick Roberts Emacs Mode for GDB
Nick Rout Barrister & Solicitor + ChchRobotics mailing list + MythTV in NZ mythtvnz mailing list "to provide a focus for the mythtv community in NZ, &.. support & bragging space to NZ mythtv users" + CLUG Newbie Night slides
NZCS Canterbury Branch Trimble: Open Source Enterprise IDS Case Study 22Jul04
OPENZ "The NZ open source vendor group" David Lane et al
Orlon Petterson Dept Physics & Astronomy UoC
PalmHeads "Cool Palm & Linux Stuff We Actually Use!" Daryn Hanright + Tandy102
Planet NZTech "NZers or NZ residents.. doing stuff in the tech industry" aggregate blogs Philip Lindsay
Rik Tindall web research & development *nix PC user support gravatar
Robertson Networks "Open source software for Education, Business & the business of education .. smb.Office - A complete server platform for a growing business" Main Rd Wairewa
RoboTechs John Tiler + [unrelated!?] myRobot "lawn mowers & floor cleaning robots" Exact Trading 3 Sarahs Lane RD2 Chch 8021 + links
Ross Drummond + report of system hardware with Windows howto
Ryan McCoskrie Source, Links, Notes home site + Free Ideas Wiki development Amberley
Sam Thigpen Consulting IST Information Society Technology US visitor + slax
Slave Lighting Mikes PIC Linux LAB MPLLAB "Software + Lighting + Automation + Visualization + Entertainment" Microchip PIC C & FLTK IDE + Kiwacan "fast development of Micro-controller based prototypes" Michael Pearce + CHBOT "Chch Robotics" page
Simon Knight Chch wifi VOIP wiki etc
Sound Concepts Ltd Rex Johnston + links *
Steve Bell Christian Resource Centre International 7 Gosset St St Albans
Timothy Musson Gnu & The Maori Language with Debian GNU/Linux
The Total Team "IT infrastructure services & consulting" 155 Montreal St "Open Source Open Standards.. Linux friendly web hosting, mail services & DNS" by the inimitable Chris Hellyar Leeston + Canterbury Sailplanes
Treshna Enterprises "practical IT solutions" Win/OSS 323 Manchester St Chch
TheVirtual "Dynamic Storefront Technology.. online transaction & database integration" + Wgtn
Volker Kuhlmann Suse expert & + Volker's Software + NZ Mailing Lists + virusnotification.rc "Resource file for procmail"
Winux "Network... Turnkey solutions" "for educational purposes only"
XSolutions software distros Mahesh De Silva Lincoln

Training & Certification
CompTIA Linux+ Computing Technology Industry Assn US -
Avonmore Tertiary Academy Linux+ 202 Cashel St = 9hrs x 12wks Mon Tues Thu 6-9pm 8Sep-27Nov03 $1050 [reduced->last?] * * "Linux system administration" online course
Linux Professional Institute LPI US - OSTC [ex 182 Cashel St Aug04] +
Christopher Sawtell Linux Lessons poster & pamphlet pdfs * *
Linux Institute Training & Certification
Novell Certified Linux Engineer Study Guide Novell CLE Safari 13Oct04 + Novell/IBM Linux Workshop - Asia Pacific 29Jul04 + SuSE Certified Linux Professional exam goes live on 21Jun04 LPIC1 prereq SCLP=NovellCLP - Certification Reference Guide Exam Cram 2 + Novell Linux Masters Degree for IT professionals Charles Sturt Uni Aust * * *
SAGE Certification "The People Who Make IT Work.. multi-platform program created by and for system administrators.. SAGE is a Special Technical Group of the USENIX Assn"
Sair Linux & GNU Certification "the most comprehensive elements of training, testing & professional development available in the industry"
SkillSoft Linux curriculum Aus US etc + Unix + Solaris(TM)
SmartPlanet CNET Network US
Teachme IDG NZ listing 15 incl IBM Unix RedHat etc
Training InfoHelp link page - local institutes * *
Ubuntu Certified Professional training in Germany 17May07
Whizlabs "Success, certified! - Global leader in IT certification exam preparation" RHCE Novell etc
Brainbench "leading global provider of online skills, aptitude, & knowledge measurement solutions" US
MeasureUp "Certification Practice Tests" US
The Training Camp "Accelerated Computer Training : Certification Boot Camps.. Opens Doors To InfoSec Academy to help mitigate the information security skills shortage" LPIC etc US
Hands On Technology Transfer "Linux System Administration" US "Linux & Certification Training" US
Linux Training RHCE "Success, certified!" Whizlabs India + Sun Java IBM Oracle..
BSD Certification Group "a clear path to hiring qualified individuals"
UnixEd "Your Solaris Certification Resource Site" Bill Calkins US
Object Computing Inc OCI Educational Services "the leading provider of Object Oriented technology training in the Midwest" St Louis/ Washington Uni
John Russell's Education Page Tcl Java string manipulation HTML.. Can ++nix

FTP file source NZ Mandrake (Mdk), s/w + MS fixes etc
Auckland Peering Exchange APE CityLink Ackd + ExchangeNET
Citylink fibre Wgtn => Debian Gentoo OpenBSD Ubuntu .. Wellington Internet Exchange WIX ExchangeNET many * * * * Mirror BSD+ Ackd Discuss Open Source mirror + Smokeping stats of APE & WIX Redhat (RH) Fedora Mdk
Ihug Internet Mdk
Jetstreamgames @ = Debian @ = all + SuSE Gentoo Fedora Mdk Knoppix FreeBSD etc + games * * * * *
Paradise Debian & FreeBSD + games etc fibre
Tranzpeer Attica "Slingshot FTP mirrors for NZ based users" Debian FreeBSD Mandrake RedHat Ackd
Wicks Technology "the primary NZ Redhat mirror" Hastings
NZ Linux Mirrors WLUG = NZ Linux Wiki big list * * * *
Wider NZ
Access Information Linux implementer co Carterton
Advanced Communications "Apple specialists" etc 10 Vanguard St Nelson Adrian Kitto Ackd
* Asterisk "* NZ Linux Consultants.. delivers Linux solutions & provides support to commercial Linux users" & distro Ackd + ScreenDouble "The foolproof helpdesk" + Firefly Gateway "Powerful, affordable Firewall, Router & VPN" + / PC Reviver Thin Client Module distro "the ultimate in PC recycling.. workstation" [$258.06 Ascent Tech Oct04], Dick Smith Electronics & The Ark
Auckland Linux Users Group AuckLUG + The NZ Linux Resource NZLUG mail list & regional newsboard + Installfest ****
Ackd Uni Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept + Linux/Solaris FAQ was "Remote GNU/Linux FAQ" = proprietary change.. * * *
Bay of Plenty Linux Users Group news + links * * * * *
BlakJak Ackd Mark Foster of UniForum NZ "NZ Assn of Open Systems Professionals ..End of an Era.. shutting down.. liquidation" 2002 Conference + NZLUG planning website Jan-Aug05
Brett Taylor "AKA Glutnix. I'm a web-geek.. passionate about Internet Culture, Copyright & the Creative Commons, Web Standards & Accessibility & Jesus Christ. I flat downtown with 6 others. Yeah so there" blog Wgtn
Cameron Kerr Humbledown "Lying in the sun, feeling fuzzy" DunLUG
Catalyst Linux implementer co Wgtn
CLAD Services "Corporate Leadership & Development" PCs Novell etc POBox78 Waipawa, Central Hawkes Bay + Thrash Cardiom
Colin Jackson "Writings on technology & society" Wgtn * * * * *
Computer Solutions Wellington 470 Evans Bay Parade, Kilbirnie + Win "IT help for Wellington community groups"
Commercial IT Services "Computer & Network Services" Ackd + "CITS Linux Server Cost Comparison" * * *
Comsolve Networks ISP etc support & networkStuff equip Ackd
Copyleft FOSS shop Philip Charles Abbotsford Dunedin +++GNU * * * * *
Damian Stewart frey "live music with computers" blog & "Spam: Fight Back!" 3Dec06 etc
Danyl Strype Strypey's Sandbox "Step into my parlour said the spider to the fly" & Creative Commons Aotearoa (NZ) Cc-nz Wgtn
Digital Objects "IT Specialists" Ackd + news
Discuss "forum for.. the creation of a National Linux body" Aug05 WLUG
Dr Floppy Computers distros used PCs games etc Ackd
Dunedin Linux Users Group bbs DunLUG wiki & mail archive * * * * *
Electric Toolbox "resource for a variety of programming languages & server apps.. PHP VBScript VB C# (C Sharp) Javscript CSS DHTML Apache MySQL MSSQL Sendmail, Linux Systems Admin, XML/XSL.." Chris Hope Ackd + Linux CD Mall ***
FFF Managed Technology "innovative services-based IT solutions to organisations throughout NZ" Ackd "Books & Software" online store Ackd
Gavin Treadgold wiki? + Sahana
Giant Robot "NZ CMS & CRM experts | Drupal / Joomla / Wordpress / CiviCRM consultants" Ackd
GNOME Rocks My World "My thoughts about my favourite GUI" John Williams Dunedin
Greenstone "a suite of software for building & distributing digital library collections" NZ Digital Library Project, Uni Waikato
Greg Trounson poster etc
Greymouth Linux Users' Group "monthly meetings.. support & education.. technical presentations & informal discussion"
ICANN Wellington Conference 27-31Mar06 InternetNZ et al
International Grades in Office Technology INGOTs NZ Portal Graham Lauder Hamilton
iNode "effective computing in an interconnected world" Jim Cheetham Wgtn + & .org
Integratorz "network organisation" Ackd sustainable + Joomla VUW Comp Club
ITEX "Your IT Experts" DW Scott Wgtn
Jeremy Naylor & E-Living Wgtn
Jethro Carr Wgtn WellyLUG design + distro
Kallisti wiki Robin Sheat Dunedin + roleplaying games, perl, AI etc
Katipo Communications makers of Koha & Kea software Wgtn
Kerry Thompson CISSP IT Security Consultant * * * *
Kiaora Project "Kiwi version of The Open CD" zcat Hamilton LNZ Moodle Teacher Certification MTC scheme etc
LinuxChix NZ "community for women who like Linux.. women and men who want to support women in computing" Wgtn 2010 in Wellington + 2006 23-28Jan Uni Otago * * * *
Linux Forums "Help with Linux" new
Linux Mailing Lists in NZ Volker Kuhlmann CLUG
LinuxNet "Linux: finally something that works" Wgtn
The Linux Hardware Project + Five Nine Uptime "Building security enhanced, trustworthy systems & complete networking solutions for your business" Jonathon Horsman Ackd
Linux Services "ICT solutions based on Linux" Digium VoIP Ackd
LinuxShop "Turning Kiwis into Penguins" distros bks etc Ackd
lizardb0y's House of Crap Andrew Stephen blog Wgtn
Lost Continent of Leon Matthews + Linux tips * * * & Messiah Ltd "web design & development" Ackd
Matt Brown blog etc Wgtn
Matthew Cruickshank Docvert "MS Word to Open Standards" Road? Wgtn + Gnome
methods: Software "software development, computer & network installation & support" Ackd +MS
Michael Beattie LCA06
Naos Computer Consulting "Unix & Linux system administration services, & programming services" Wgtn
NorthTec Research Office Open Source Research Group Whangarei polytech
Nothing But Net "Internet related technologies & development services" & Devcentre "Agile Software Development" Peter Harrison Albany + Mailing Lists incl Open Politics [all archives defunct? 04Oct04]
NZ FreeBSD User Group Wgtn
NZ Linux Linux Community of NZ Liz Quilty tutorials CDs.. Ackd *****
NZ Network Operators Group NZNOG presentations etc + Mailing List & Conference 22-24Mar06 Wgtn
NZ Open Source Awards NZOSA Catalyst IT Wgtn
NZ Open Source Conference NZOSC 23-25Jun08 Bay of Islands
NZ Open Source Soc NZOSS "Leading the way to Open Source" Ackd + mailing lists Openchat Book Education [GNU-detractor? host BlakJak] + NZOSS files objection to Microsoft XML patent computerworld 12Jul05 + 2007 AGM outgoing Presidents Report, Don Christie, & Vik Olliver vids
Number One "Scouring the unclean belly of the internet" Joel Wiramu Pauling in NZ Jacqueline McNally Aus/NZ
Open Systems Specialists OSS "NZ's leaders in Linux, Unix, open source, Oracle, Virtualisation, Networking, & Security" Ackd
Paul Northwood Free Server Software for Primary Schools Taumarunui
Peter Reutemann 'Fractal Pete' Uni Waikato + Weka Machine Learning Project
Phil Daintree webERP Upper Hutt
Planet NZTech "aims to aggregate the blogs of New Zealanders or NZ residents who are doing stuff in the tech industry" Linux Message Board Linux-friendly isp help Ackd
Quanta "Retail, Distribution & Financial Solutions.. people & processes.. open systems" Ackd, Hong Kong & Malaysia
Rene Bartosh kirjava Eksion Net Hawkes Bay LUG Ltd "IBM Power Systems & AIX Specialists including Storage ..mission is to be the best IBM UNIX solutions provider in NZ" Ackd "Your Guide to Starting Linux" + (see also TLDP)
Steve Withers Wgtn
The State of Linux: Substantial Growth in NZ "few people are parading Linux & Open Source around.. plenty of use & adoption" Mark Rais
Stuart Rackham methods: Software "Multi-platform software development & systems services" Python + PRS "End-to-end recruitment management & info system" etc Roder "OLPC Volunteers, Moodlemoots, Software Freedom Day 2009, LCA2010" etc Ackd "Tauranga-based IT service & support company specialising in the business & education markets.. reputation as one of the leading Free & Open Source software providers in NZ"
VAST Technologies "Building Business Agility integrated e-solutions provider" Ackd
ViewPoint Consulting Jamie Baddeley Wgtn
Vik Olliver embedded systems developer, writer Computerworld PCWorld, Launchpad satellite co TransOrbital, Diamond Age Solutions Ltd, graphics render farm Waitakere Laingholm Linux User Group
Waikato Linux Users Group WLUG + NZ Linux Wiki + ClamAv Wiki * * * * *
Wastelands Technologies WT Ackd hacker news + code + links
Webfroot Wgtn kulcha
WebsNZ Rotorua
Wellington Linux Users Group & WLUG wlug_org + NZ Linux "Bilingual Maaori/English" distro * * * * *
Wikipedia free encyclopedia, entries for NZ
Yoper Ackd distro

Overseas mirrors
AARNet's HTTP & FTP Mirror Australia's Research & Education Network + ftp Debian SuSE Gentoo Slackware s/w ... ANU Canberra (access restricted to .au & .nz domains) + IPv6 Migration Broker Tunnel Requests etc ***** *BSD Debian SuSE Gentoo Fedora YellowDog ...
The Linux Mirror Project TLMP *****
PlanetMirror "the largest & most comprehensive software archive based in the Asia-Pacific region" Brisbane ***
Pacific Internet Mirror Server & ftp Debian SuSE Gentoo Fedora ... ***** Melbourne
Maths & CompSci MCS Division Argonne National Laboratory Mdk SuSE RH archive etc US Mdk FreeBSD SuSE

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