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CompTIA Linux+ Certified 2003
abook "addressbook program" & ABook "personal contact manager" Zaurus
AMaViS "A Mail Virus Scanner" + links
GNU Anubis "SMTP message submission daemon.. layer betw MUA & MTA"
BincIMAP "modular IMAP server for Maildir" & Life with BincIMAP Wiki + maildir format
ListServ "Email List Management Software" & CataList catalog L-Soft
Courier Mail Server mail transfer agent (MTA) & Courier-IMAP "fast, scalable, enterprise IMAP server that uses Maildirs" Double Precision Inc GPL
Crynwr Software "High-level email system design services" Russ Nelson NY + Free Software Business mailing list
Cyrus Electronic Mail Project "group of programs that enable the possiblilty of storing & retrieving mail messages from a database" + OpenX.DBMail "Email integration component" OpenX CA
Dovecot "Secure IMAP server" /POP3
Email Mx "email app & service platform that gives operators the ability to deploy & manage new messaging services to meet the evolving demands of today's subscribers" & training etc Openwave CA UK Japan
Email System For The Home Network Gentoo Linux forum
Enigmail Mozilla etc
Exim message transfer agent MTA UK
Fetchmail "full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mail retrieval & forwarding utility intended to be used over on-demand TCP/IP links"
Getmail "POP3 mail retriever with reliable Maildir & command delivery"
Gotmail "Utility to download mail from Hotmail accounts" & Default branch freshmeat
Gmail Filesystem GmailFS "mountable Linux filesystem which uses your Gmail account as its storage medium" Python SugarBox "web site hosting tool" + Robomail "marketing software for large volume, time critical, opt-in mailing lists" + OPENeFilter ..
Internet Messaging Program IMP Horde Project
Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server Apache James + Introducing James informIT 04Jun04
Kmail "the KDE mail client" free email accts + Forums * * *
MHonArc "mail-to-HTML converter" + Hypermail
Mozilla Suite Mail & Thunderbird client + mozillazine & Knowledge Base MozillaNews * * * * *
Mulberry "high-performance, scalable.. email client" Cyrusoft
Mutt "small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix OSs"
Open WebMail "designed to manage very large mail folder files in a memory efficient way.. to help users migrate smoothly from Microsoft Outlook"
POPFile "automatic mail classification tool" + HotPopper
PostCast Server "Free SMTP mail server"
Postfix "fast, easy to administer, & secure.. sendmail compatible"
PreciseMail "Anti-Spam Gateway"
Procmail " mail processing.. create mail-servers, mailing lists, sort your incoming mail.." + guide V.Kuhlmann
Pronto! "highly modularized GTK Mail Client written in Perl"
Qmail "Second most popular MTA on the Internet" + mirrors + Life with qmail manual + safecat "copies standard input to a qmail-style maildir"
RoundCube Webmail "browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface" "freeware version" of Inc "Mailstream Manager"
SquirrelMail "Webmail for Nuts!" MUA
Sylpheed "GTK+ based lightweight & fast e-mail client"
Mozilla Thunderbird & Keyboard Shortcuts + Cannot save passwords fix etc * * * * * * * * * *
wmymail "a fabulous mail-checking dock app" from wmail
Ximian "Enabling Enterprise Linux" Evolution "seamlessly integrates email, calendaring, meeting scheduling, contact management, & task lists" + GNOME Project & Keyboard Shortcuts * * * *

Spam block
Bayespam 0.9.2 "The qmail spam filter that learns"
junkfilter "Spam Filtering with Procmail"
MailWasher Server "junk mail filter package for businesses" Firetrust Chch
OpenEFilter "a complete email content filter, virus scanner, & spam blocker for qmail" inter7
The Apache SpamAssassin Project "The Powerful #1 Open-Source Spam Filter" + SpamAssassin Configuration Generator
Spamfilter Email Relay Server Guide Scott L Henderson

A quick guide to email security & what's wrong with a generic antivirus program 04
FastMail "the Fastest Email Service on the Planet" IMAP + Hotmail + SoftHome "So, where do you live on the net? ..keep your email address" IMAP etc + Yahoo!Mail + + Gmail Google + ...
The Mail Archive "A free, public service for archiving email lists" + Mailing list ARChives at AIMS MARC *** + Gmane "Mail To News And Back Again"
Manux Networks Mail Services Chch
MyRealBox "Internet service based on Novell NetMail & eDirectory.. to enable the NetMail engineering team to gain valuable info about how these products function in real-world high-volume situations"
Re-enable mailto: links in Firefox on Linux opensource.weblog
System SEVEN "Mobile Email software for Everyone.. platforms incl BREW, J2ME, Windows Mobile, Palm OS & Symbian" SEVEN Networks US

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LINUX® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in several countries.
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