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CompTIA Linux+ Certified 2003
Assn for Promotion & Research In Libre computing APRIL "a pioneer of Free Software in France"
CALIBRE Co-ordination Action for Libre Software Engineering for Open Development Platforms for Software & Services Uni Limerick Ireland & CALIBRATION: Industry Forum on Libre/Open Source Software Policy (OSS)
EU pledges E660k to understand open source 26May05
European Working Group on Libre Software & Quo vadis, libre software? Jesús M González-Barahona 04 history + links * * *
It's FOSS "award-winning web-portal that focuses on Open Source in general & Linux in particular.. beginners.. make your desktop Linux experience better" + BSD & 13 Places Where You Can Buy Linux Computers etc Eu+
FLOSSWorld "Free/Libre/Open Source Software: Worldwide impact study ..project aims to strengthen Europe's leadership in research into FLOSS & open standards, building a global constituency with partners from Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, India, Malaysia & South Africa exploit research & policy complementarities to improve international cooperation ..of policy-makers & researchers ..enhance Europe's leading role.. strongly embed Europe in a global network.. & the business, higher education & developer communities.. enhance the level of global awareness related to FLOSS development & industry, human capacity building, standards & interoperability & e-government issues in the geographical regions covered by the consortium.. Over 300 000 copies of the FP5 FLOSS project report have been downloaded since 2003, & 'FLOSS', created as a project acronym, is now a widely used term for the entire free software/open source phenomenon in many parts of the world" Maastricht Economic & social Research & training centre on Innovation & Technology UNU-MERIT
GSyC/LibreSoft Research Group Sp who "drive the FLOSS Research Planet"
The Libre Site "For Free Software Developers"
Librenix "Linux System Administration Portal" * * * *
Libervis "Free culture, Free mind.. nexus.. community: forums, blogs, news, articles, Q & A" * * * *
"Free Software" + "Open Source" = "Free & Open Source Software (FOSS)" = simple! So why any argument?.. Because, exercising its 'freedom to fork', EurofXXcism would rise again - with a misguided pseudo 'anti-Americanism', to attack the "Free" within FOSS with a contrary and monetising, aggressive FLOSSing action [Wikipedia link].
FOSS: "The simplest solution is to combine both terms & finish all problems"
"GNU", "Linux", or neither? "The fairest term for what we like.. is probably.. just the 'Free Software Operating System'.. made valuable principally by the contribution of individual developers" Mar07 & Free software philosophy in business: Are they compatible? "FOSS.. It is absolutely essential to mention our political and ethical vision, regardless of what anyone thinks.. Free software can be taken away from us at any moment. There is no end to what the enemies of free software can do if they put enough money behind it. It takes diligent people within the community and within the business world to maintain this gift passed down to us" 07 [italics added] ... * * * * * * * * * *

LINUX® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in several countries.

[page under construction] - Documents a right-wing attack on Free Software:

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