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CompTIA Linux+ Certified 2003
analog realtime synthesizer aRts "Create sounds & music using small modules like oscillators for creating waveforms, various filters, modules for playing data on your speakers, mixers, faders,.." GPL
Apple iPod on Linux archive
Audacity "free sound editor" WAV AIFF Ogg Vorbis MP3 etc + tutorial + Mp3Splt Project Homepage sourceforge "command-line utility to split mp3/ogg files (without decoding), selecting begin/end time" + mp3cut
Blender "3D, from modeling, animation, rendering & post-production to interactive creation & playback"
CCRMA 'karma' "Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music & Acoustics is a multi-disciplinary facility where composers & researchers work together using computer-based technology both as an artistic medium & as a research tool" + Planet CCRMA at home rpms RH9/FCx Firefox extension etc
Freevo "home theatre PC platform" sourceforge & Building a Freevo Box [halted 2014]
Gatos ATI video drivers TV etc
GStreamer "open source multiMedia framework ..library that allows the construction of graphs of media-handling components" LGPL + libmpeg2 "MPEG-2 video stream decoder" sourceforge e.g. of many more plugins [use Ubuntu Synaptic to install this mpeg2dec & aRts for .mpg & dvd etc playback; or Xine = switch Totem over from GStreamer dfolt]
Handbrake How to Use Ubuntu to Convert a DVD to an MP4 File Lifewire 22Aug18
Hydrogen "advanced drum machine"
iPodder "the cross-platform podcast receiver ..custom online audio anytime, anywhere" sourceforge + BashPodder "the best podcatcher" * * * * *
Kino Linux DV "Digital Video for Linux" + Cinelerra "Movie studio in a Linux Box.. advanced content creation system" Heroine Virtual + MainConcept "Video Editing, Compositing, Animation & Codecs" & MainActor "Linux Preview Version" + LiVES "the Linux Video Editing System" + ripmake "fully automatic command line ripping makefile generator for" transcode "Linux Video Stream Processing Tool"
LilyPond "music notation for everyone ..automated engraving system"
Linux Movies Group "the most popular operating system for animation & visual effects in the motion picture industry" Hollywood & San Fran Bay + links ***
Linux Video Editing notes Rob Fisher US [defunct] + List of video editing software Wikipedia * * * * *
Mutopia Project "free sheet music"
NotLame MP3 Encoder "less distortion than every other free encoder"
Ogg Vorbis "professional audio encoding & streaming" by Xiph.Org Foundation + iRiver Intnl players
RealPlayer User Supported UNIX + Helix community "the first open multi-format platform for digital media creation, delivery & playback" + Install Real player Linux Lessons
RipIT CLI "program for ripping, encoding, & tagging MP3s that needs no user intervention.. wrapper for LAME, Ogg Vorbis, Flac, dagrab, cdparanoia, & others.. retrieval & submission of CDDB entries"
Simple DirectMedia Layer SDL "cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, & 2D video framebuffer"
Sound Juicer "clean, mean, & lean CD ripper for GNOME 2" Ross Burton UK
Structured Audio Open Group SAOG
Totem "movie player for the Gnome desktop based on xine" Hadess UK + Vanity webcam app + Gspy "Gnome Security Camera" video4linux + Camorama links + Video for Linux resources + "Video.. Imaging software" & etc
GNU VCDImager "full-featured mastering suite for authoring, disassembling & analyzing Video CD's & Super Video CD's"
VideoLAN VLC "OpenSource video streaming solution for every OS" & addons + developers site "CVS/Subversion sourcecode repositories" etc
xawtv "small suite of video4linux related software" + Xawdecode xdTV "software that allows you to watch TV"
xine "a free multimedia player" GPL + Daily xine RPMS with CSS support Linux DVD player d/l
XMMS X MultiMedia System
XnView viewer & CLOE raytracing "efficient multimedia viewer, browser & converter" etc
C/DVD burn
CDRDAO "Disk-At-Once Recording of Audio & Data CD-Rs/CD-RWs"
cdrecord "supports DVD-R & DVD-RW with all known DVD-writers on all UNIX-like OS" + readcd "read or write data Compact Discs"
dvdauthor "simple set of tools" Sourceforge + DVD Authoring linuxjournal 01Dec03
Eroaster + GTKCombust + KAudioCreator
K3b "The CD Kreator.. CD & DVD burning.. optimized for KDE"
Nautilus GNOME file manager & nautilus-cd-burner package
Setup the Linux-system for writing CD-ROMs HOWTO Linux Online c00
World Video Formats Hartley Film Foundation US
X-CD-Roast "tries to be the most flexible CD-burning software ever"

Broadcast Using This Tool BUTT & sourceforge download & sponsor UK + Open Source Linux Streaming Software options * * * "streaming media (audio/video) server which currently supports Ogg (Vorbis & Theora), Opus, WebM & MP3 streams" & hosts eg + + * * *
SHOUTcast "Free Winamp-based distributed streaming audio system" Nullsoft (non-Free closed source)
Free or hire servers @ "Free SHOUTcast" UK/US & & De eg BBCWorldService & etc

TV "Just enough OS for KODI" fork of Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center JeOS "Open Source Home Theater Software" was XBMC + HOW-TO: Install Kodi for Linux & Comparitech Kodi news stories * * * * *
MythTV "homebrew PVR project" + Knoppmyth & KnoppMythWiki & Pamphlet [gone] + GeexBox & Fedora Myth(TV)ology [gone] ...
UKNova "I can't believe it's not television! ..the absolutely latest & greatest TV programs from the UK" bittorrent [closed 2012]

discord "formerly GnomeMeeting.. open source SoftPhone, Video Conferencing & Instant Messenger app"
Google Hangouts "video call, phone, or message" up to 10 free
jami "Multi-platform open-source secure videoconferencing software" VoIP inc SIP WebRTC up to 50 free on public + wikipedia ref * * * * * "Most advanced webinar software" up to 5 free Poland-US
Meeting Software For Video Conferences notes + Video conferencing available for New Zealand educators as BigBlueButton @ NZOSS Catalyst Cloud + SFD VideoConferencing notes + Rocket.Chat secure messaging + "Linux cloud solutions & services.. Alternative to AWS" etc etc * * * * * * * * * *
Microsoft Teams "chat, meet, call & collaborate all in one place" & "video calls with friends & family with one click!" up to 100 free & WhatsApp "secure messaging & calling for free" + as *nix apps
Cisco "Video Conferencing, Online Meetings, Screen Share" up to 100 free "Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing" up to 100 free, Covid-era default non-Free

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