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CompTIA Linux+ Certified 2003
Alan Kennington "Everything is connected to everything else ..Open Source good. GPL bad" Melbourne
All about Linux "Tips & Tricks in using & administering Linux" & How to Repair a Corrupt MBR & boot into Linux "Where You Get Your Linux CDs" +BSD
ALT Linux "Free software for free people" Moscow
All Things Linux Scot's Newsletter Forums "Training Pack Demos" etc CDs
Andrew Gregory's Webpages Apple 2 Emulator, Opera etc Aus Southern Cross Software Solutions C++ Java etc
AP Lawrence "Unix&Linux Help, Resources &info for Unix/Linux, MacOSX"..
Australian Service for Knowledge of Open Source Software ASK-OSS Dept of Education, Science & Training Canberra
Bart Samwel Debian tips, GPL TLA FAQ, laptop mode etc Gouda
BerliOS Developer "Fostering Open Source Development.. easy access to the best in CVS/SVN, mailing lists, bug tracking, message boards/forums, task management, site hosting, permanent file archival, full backups, & total web-based administration" De + SuperLinux Encyclopedia "rapid finding of documentation & other info of interest" + OpenFacts "Open Source Knowledge Database" wiki "Site for Bioinformatics Developers" + Howtos
Canonical "development, distribution & promotion of open source software products.. tools & support" Isle of Man Eur N/Sth America Aus
Carolina Open Source Initiative COSI NCSU US & sources list
Center for Information Technology Integration CITI "applied research & development" projects techreports .. esp networks UniMichigan Dave Jones David & Katherine Goodwin + Clockwork Software Systems + Open Source Web Design UK + links
Crynwr Software "email system design services" etc Russell Nelson NY + Free Software Business mailing list
David Ranch "Linux, Networking, & other drivel" + TrinityOS: "A Guide to Configuring Your Linux Server for Performance, Security, & Manageability" eg Thoughts on Picking a Linux Distribution ..
David S. Miller's Linux Networking Homepage "A place to learn a lot about a lot.. detailed guides & articles on a wide range of topics, including Linux & Windows, security, virtualization, hardware" blog "join the DesktopLinux revolution" + Market survey 2004 "a more egalitarian oligarchy" 6May05
Desktop Linux Summit 22-23Apr04 CA "dedicated to the use of GNU/Linux as a desktop OS" + Maelstrom game
Died's Page "Compaq & Linux mailing list" etc Diederick van Dijk + Modified Linux PPP/NT HOWTO
Digital Hermit "Unix & Linux Solutions" math/science Kwan Lowe + tips **
Digital Overload "help people understand & use technology" Damien Hull "another geek homestead" Erskin & Marcella + CubeSoft Comms "Unix Hosting Software Development ..The Patent Office is carving up the intellectual domain of computer science & handing little pieces to any company that files an application" Atlanta-GA & Quebec-CAN + LPF
Enterprise Linux Today "Your Enterprise Linux News"
Eskimo North "Linux & Unix Resources" US ISP links "The Ultimate Linux Resource.. dir, info, search engine, & web guide" & Everything Linux bulk tips Michael Holve + Solaris + Mac "Your console hacking resource" forum tips shop etc
The Evil Pixel "web development notes, production documentation & personal thoughts.. fun" Andy Thornton + Linux supervillain etc
Exocore Consulting "corporate computing strategies, esp.. Open Source, data networks, Internet & Intranets.. throughout India & around the globe"
[FirstLinux "First for Linux" guides & latest * * * :-\ defunct?]
FLOSS "Libre" debate etc - IH link page
Focus on Linux "Linux Operating System & Linux Distributions" etc About *
FHG FOKUS "Research Institute for Open Communication Systems" Berlin
Fotango Creative Solutions Grp "a major contributor to the Perl & Open source movement" etc + Ponie ..
PDFedit "Free editor for PDF documents" sourceforge
Fossmart "Open Source Products & Solutions [FOSSWALL, FOSSMART Mail Guardian, FOSSTS, FOSSOne]"
FOSS not "libre" FLOSS debate etc - IH link page
FOSS Sri Lanka "Free And Open Source Software Community"
Free & Open source Software Developers' European Meeting FOSDEM 00-07 "The Resource Center for Free Operating Systems" * * * *
Free Radio Linux "online & on-air radio station.. computerized reading of the code" + Hear me out rationale
Free Standards Group "Safeguarding the Future of Linux Through.. Open Standards for Open Source.. Open & Free" + Linux Standard Base Project LSB "Standardizing The Penguin" Workgroup + LSB Certification The Open Group * * * * * "Misc rantings of a raving geek"
GeekSpeek "Tech Talk for Geeks" * * *
Gelato Community "Advancing Linux Itanium" & Tsinghua Uni High Performance Computing Institute Beijing
GetLinuxOnline "Forums, News & Support"
Global Linux "goal is to help make it the most popular" 98 + Links
Google Search: Linux w/Tux
Government Open Source Software Resource Center GOV-OSS-RC Nico Elema PhD study SA
Greg K-H's Linux Stuff USB Tools Kernel Development slides etc
Hentzenwerke Developer's Studio Apartment "Linux Transfer Whitepapers & Other Resources" Ian Cameron Smith UK
HP & Linux "Real World Linux from HP" + * * *
ibiblio "the public's library & digital archive" & linux archive: "over 171 gigabytes of Linux programs & documentation"
IBM Linux at IBM "Business & Linux in an On Demand World" & developerWorks Speed-start program & eServer OpenPower servers + Learn Linux + certs * * * * Linux News Security Education Jobs etc
Icculus "The Helping Phriendly Box" game server
The Inner Circle Mdk Amiga BBS etc WashUS + links
IQWare "consultants for corporate Linux solutions" UK info + Java *
IRC Logs Archive "useful info.. loggeg by us & not lost in the irc channels" "Linux for Jackasses"
JBoss "Professional Open Source"
Jeepsters Lair tips Slackware Slackintosh etc UK
Jim O'Halloran's Weblog "Open Source, Race Cars, & Stuff" Adelaide + links
Juju "Sufficiently Advanced Technology"
JustLinux "Help File Library ..unique method of documentation that provides answers in a simple, direct format!" news & fora JupiterWeb was
K-12 Linux "schools & agencies concerned with the ethical use of public funds" US
"Libre" FLOSS debate etc - IH link page
LinMagAu "Australian Linux/OpenSource Magazine" + links [moved?]
Linux Apps INT Media Group "run by a group of Linux users who work to spread awareness and use of Linux" + Tour etc
Linux Asia 2006 "Asia's Premier Open Source Conference & Expo" 8-10Feb New Delhi
Linux Australia "Linux is the future" via conferences 1999-2022 & 2023-... (deprecated Podcast Service "The Pod People Have Arrived!" & President Pia Smith/Waugh/Andrews blog) * * * * *
Linux Beach "dedicated to the struggles of people everywhere to advance human progress & save this planet from the decline of capitalism" Clay Claiborne US
linuxcaffe "coffee, code, culture, community"
Linux Center news "Linux Training, Linux Certification & Linux Laptop" * * *
LinuxChix Africa AfricaLinuxChix.Org news blogs etc "The Enterprise Linux Resource.. goal is to be the most useful Linux & Open Source news & information resource ever seen by human eyes" OSTG + intro Reviews Jobs etc + The Article Database ~Oct01
Linux Compatible driver news etc "one of the world's best Open Source & Free Software developer community conferences!" 15-20Jan07 Uni New South Wales, Australia * * * * * * * * * *
Linux Counter Project "18M" total users + ...
LinuxDailyNews "The Independent Linux & Open Source Network" O'Reilly AlphabeticalDirectory of LinuxCommands ***
Linux Focus "a volunteer driven Linux magazine.. truly international & free"
Linux For Kids! "a central organization to provide help for educators"
Linux Format Future Publishing "The First Place You Should Look! Linux Help.. Download".. "all the knowledge you need" Open Source + Tutorials
The Linux Foundation "dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux" npo + Collaboration Summit & Linux Standard Base LSB "where we are bigtime believers in Free & Open Source Software. And we put our money where our mouth is" Software Suspend etc "News Downloads Links Forums.. GNU/Linux is.. easy to use" PCLOS etc
Linux Gazette .net & .com manuals "Making Linux just a little more fun.. The Linux community sharing information globally" Linux Journal Specialized Systems Consultants ***
LinuxGoons news & fora
Linux Greenhouse "virtual incubator & network for high-potential open source projects & companies" & OSI License Bureau
Linux Guru "For all your Linux needs!"
Linux Guruz "giving something back to Linux in return for.. faithful service" "dedicated to providing the most in-depth computer hardware coverage available for the Linux OS"
Linux Headquarters "easy to follow, step-by-step guides for Linux users"
LINUX howtos & advocacy docs gstewart
Linux HQ "The Linux Information Headquarters"
Linux Insider .com "Real-Time Linux News & Info from Around the World"
Linux International "a non-profit association of groups, corporations & others that work towards the promotion of growth of the Linux operating system & the Linux community" "quality printed media.. low prices.. UK.. Free Delivery" Leeds A-Wing Internet Services Andrew Hutchings "freelance coder of PHP & C.. Linux Consultant" Nth Wales + gkrellm-x86info for AMD64
Linux Journal "Since 1994: The Monthly Magazine of the Linux Community"
& Groups of Linux Users Everywhere GLUE
Linux Journal Interactive for subscribers
Linux Line IBM Linux portal
Linux Links "The Linux Portal" a central list * * * "News, Reviews, HOWTOs, Guides & Gear"
Linuxmafia tips & FAQs eg usergroup-howto Bay Area * * * * *
Linux Magazine "Open Source. Open Standards"
Linux Magazine "for advanced Linux know-how"
Linux & Main"Linux for the rest of us" news & articles Security etc
Linux Mark Institute LMI "to issue proper licenses to authorized users" + Linux Trade Mark FAQ iLaw Aus + Linux Trademark Protection In Australia /. + The Linux Trademark - Tempest in a Teapot Groklaw 16Aug05 + Linux trademark in australia list 17Aug05
LinuxMedNews "Revolutionizing Medical Education & Practise.. GNU/Linux & Open Source Medical Software News" * * * * *
LinuxNetMag De
Linux Online "the homeplace of Linux on the net" CLUG's fav guide * * * * *
Linux & Open Source Topic Center news eweek * * * Alan Cox + "An Intro To Linux.. What is Linux ?" + UK links
Linux Orbit "Server or Desktop, GNU/Linux Just Works.. The help & info web site for all skill levels of Linux, BSD & other *NIX systems"
Linux Pipeline Network Computing
Linux Planet "A Guide to the Linux Operating System" tutorials
The Linux Pocket Protector Aus [defunct 02Jun02]
Linux Professional Group "non-profit corp.. training & certification materials"
Linux Public Broadcasting Network "It's Your Media Network - USE IT!" + Apachecon 2004 Keynote Presentations etc * * * * "Where Linux newbies come for help!"
Linux Resource Link Directories documentation etc * * * *
The Linux Review "Resources for Linux Users" CommandPrompt Inc
Linux Reviewed "howtos tips tricks help.. Another beginners guide" Gentoo comprehensive CDs
Linux Symposium "a core technology conference, targeting software developers working on the Linux kernel, OS infrastructure, security, networking, & related research projects" Ottawa04
Linux Times "An Online Linux Magazine"
Linux Today news & Linux PR
Linux Toolkit news etc ZDNet UK * * *
Linux Universe "Freedom Is Universal" Learning Center HOWTO Index etc
linux/unix news
LinuxUser & Developer "UK's only magazine written specifically for Linux professionals & IT decision makers" Live Publishing
Linux Virtual Server Project "highly scalable and highly available server built on a cluster of real servers"
Linux on VM server optimisation
Linux Weekly News Newswire + LWN Community Calender Installfests, conferences etc "Driving Enterprise Evolution" reg req + "Australia's Premier Linux News Source"
Little Igloo "a 'hot' place entirely devoted to Linux" s/ware Museum Tutorial links.. "the 'non-profit' wing of" "personal publishing ('blogging') tool"
Loads of Linux Links LoLL sourceforge * * * * *
LocalFOSS "Promoting FOSS in your backyard help groups around the world promote their local Free & Open Source Software communities, both locally & internationaly" James & Karin Purser + McWhirter [consulting] "secure, modern, robust infrastructure" AU
LugRadio "fortnightly British radio show, which takes a relaxed & humorous look at Linux & open source" eg You spin me right round "Are the FSF & GNU still important?.." 23Apr07 "Linux News.. up to the minute ..The world is talking about GNU/Linux & Free/Open Source Software" * * * "The Free Desktop Screenshot Archive"
Mad Penguin "There is no genius without a touch of madness"
MaLinux Linux Userland Filesystem LUFS Florin Malita [defunct? Nov04] + Dan Muresan Bucharest
Marc O. Gloor "homedirectory of my educational system account" Zurich *
Matt Oquist FOSS consultant SFD + Vim manual
MozillaQuest "Online Computer Magazine" diverse reviews + "Linux for Microsoft Windows Users" * * *
Muktware "Linux & Free Software (Open Source) Web magazine" Belgium US + "A Linux User's Guide to Google+" Ubuntu Mint Fedora etc
Nelogic OpenSource Development Technologies NePublisher PHP etc
Nerdfest Network Operations Center webhost
News InfoHelp link page - Technical etc
[ (was "Learning GNU/Linux the easy way" + links * * *) defunct? Nov04]
Novell on Linux training etc + Novell & HP Solution Seminar * * *
ObjectWeb "international consortium fostering the development of open-source middleware for cutting-edge applications: EAI, e-business, clustering, grid computing, managed services & more"
Ohio LinuxFest US
Olliance Group "independent business & strategy consulting firm whose mission is to help clients capitalize on the strategic, technological, & financial benefits of open source software" US
Open for Business "The Independent Open Source Migration Journal" Universal Networks, Evangelical OET "Open Source Portal for Enterprise Developers" * Design Shop brds etc & OpenGeek.Org "fundamental right to learn & grow"
Open Source Applications Foundation "Create & gain wide adoption of Open Source application software of uncompromising quality. Build an innovative, sustainable alternative application despite market inertia. Carry forward the vision of Vannevar Bush, Doug Engelbart, and Ted Nelson of the computer as a medium for communication, collaboration, and coordination.. Offer a choice of platforms and full interoperability amongst Windows, Macintosh, and Linux versions" Mitch Kapor CA
Open Source in Australia "one-stop shop" Open Source Experts Group OSEG + Open Source Business Network SA South Australia "A National Body Is Being Created - Hold On For Its Announcement!" + Open Source Industry Australia OSIA "the national industry body.. to further the cause of both Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in Australia.. to help our members to improve their business success in this growing sector" + Open Source Victoria "Industry Cluster" + Society of Linux Professionals (Western Australia) SLPWA
Open Source Business Conference "Open source has moved beyond Linux. OSBC shows you where it's going, and who's leading the charge" US "story.. applied to the world.. The open source way.. A Red Hat cxommunity service" opinions
Open source & the Creative Commons "organised movement has its roots in the 1980s.. Free Software Foundation" By HAYDEN WELLES The Press Tue16Sep08
Open Source Technology Group OSTG "where technology is going.. the leading network of technology sites for today's IT managers & development professionals.. A subsidiary of VA Software"
Open Source Software - Resource "in honor of Software Freedom Day 2017" Laura Michaels
OpenSourceVersusProprietarySoftware + Windows vs Linux: a modern desktop comparison 28Apr05 * * *
The Open Source Weblog "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" "Browse public discussion groups without clogging up your Inbox"
Open Systems Group "Failure Free Consulting.. custom technology solutions" US
OptimumOSS Technologies "Community Friendly Organization.. proud Associate Member of Free Software Foundation & OSDL" Canberra
Oracle Corp "makes Linux unbreakable"
O'Reilly "Open Source, Linux News & Software" + Screenshot Tours of distros + Linux/Unix Center administration books * * * * * "all the latest Linux & BSD distributions on CD" Denver CO
OSNews "Exploring the future of computing" distro reviews etc
O3 "Open Source Enterprise Data Networking Magazine" Spliced Networks
PAMurray Assocs "Real time embedded signal processing" CA
& Linux Lunacy 2003 photos incl Linus
Paradox Inc "Mindless review information on the crap I enjoy" + Basic Linux + Dell Inspiron 600m etc + links
Paul Beardsell "Open Systems Consultant" Bahamas
the pAved earth "online radio station playing crock alternative.. new server runs GNU/Linux"
PCLinuxOnline Desktop Linux News
PCTech101 CD sellers SuSE etc Love of Scents US pop-ups+
Penguin Desktops NY
Penguin Pete's "extraordinarily geeky site about Free & Open Source Software & the wonders thereof" + Linux/BSD babes
Phoronix "Linux Reviews & Articles on Computers.. Linux Hardware Reviews, Benchmarking & Gaming.."
Planet SoC "official community site for Google Summer of Code students & mentors since 2005" "Bug free software just has random features" PHP + links
Puget Sound Technology "BSD, Linux, Open source training & technical support.. Pacific Northwest & beyond" + Puget Sound Network Users Group PSNUG "Building Technical Skills Through Teamwork & Education!" +Win ***
Raldz Dot Weblog "When life & technology clashes.. Linux & Open Source News" blog ex "dark technology as i see it.." Gerald Cortez CA "International Site for Linux Beginners" Mark Rais
Ricardo "linux server for the Dept of Economics at Wake Forest Uni" NC USA Prof Allin Cottrell PLUG + TeX
Richard Wade "Internet Community Work" etc protocols UK
Rob Fisher's Homepage Linux Tips, Nanotechnology etc US
ROCK Linux Web Portal
SearchEnterpriseLinux "The Web's best Linux-specific info resource for enterprise IT professionals" TechTarget Network "News & expert advice on Linux & open source software strategies" + links
Shazbot Blog "Tech stuff, Music & semi-random abuse" UK
Silicon Graphics, Inc "committed to taking a leadership role in the ongoing development & improvement of the performance & reliability of the Linux operating system" + SGI ProPack supercomputer OS etc
Simon Phipps, Webmink OpenSolarisUG UK + "Essays on Software Freedom" * * * * "BEAM robotics community" "the world's largest Open Source software development website, with the largest repository of Open Source code & applications available on the Internet" OSDN + Loads of Linux Links * * * * *
SourceLabs "Dependable Open Source Systems & premium support & maintenance subscriptions for enterprise IT organizations" vs RedHat/Novell + Bruce Perens 8Jun05
Southern California Linux Expo SCALE 11-12Feb06 LA eg Cal Dept Motor Vehicles
Specifix "Conary: a set of tools & technologies for building distributions" ex-RH&Cygnus tech execs
The State of Open Source SOS TWiki Globewide Network Academy
Spoofers "If it wasn't for C, we would be using BASI, PASAL, & OBOL" + Linux version 0.99 email d/l "People's Operating System - by the NKVD.. compulsory & free.. for the working class"
Steamed Penguin "Not Your Usual Meal" - & Freedom2Operate PHP etc
Sys Admin "the journal for UNIX systems administrators"
Tectonic "Africa's source for open source news" + links + Soul Beat Africa "Communication for Change" & Guide to Open Source Software Initiatives & People GOSSIP + DireqLearn "African Technology in Education Solutions Provider" + ictworld Information Computer Technology
Ted Roche & Assocs "Successful, high-quality software training, mentoring & development" NH USA +Win
Temple of the Screaming-Penguin TotSP "source does matter" forum
Theoretical Physics at Uni Winnipeg Introductory programming etc Randy Kobes
The $139 Linux PC 2Aug07 "bringing users closer to linux"
The Turing Group US Net Host Co, downloads etc
Tux.Org "umbrella organization supporting the efforts of Users Groups & Developers" Suse isos etc "Don't fear the Penguin! powerusers - turned linux newbies ..latest happenings"
TuxWare TuxShop "Linux/Tux product store" T's mugs etc CafePress + ThinkGeek "stuff for smart masses" store etc + Kill Bill T
Tux & gnu love story @ European Parliament & Have you seen Tux? pix "the UK's free Linux ISP.. & the best online Linux resource in the UK"
UNESCO Free Software Portal links
Unix Fool tips Ron Sinclair + Wifi
Uptime s/w articles etc Tony Steidler-Dennison news forum
Victoria Linux Enthusiasts Group VLE South Texas + Aloe Software Group
Warped Systems "I can do that with Linux.." Can + links
WebTrek "Linux training & development services.. in limbo" RH LPI
Web Upd8 "Ubuntu / Linux blog"
Whirlpool Forums - Linux/BSD Aus "Linux FAQs, tips & tutorials" "...dedicated to providing tutorials, guides & links for Linux users"

International / User Groups
Albanian Linux Users Group Prishtina Kosova
Asianux "enterprise platform" db Red Flag Software, Miracle Linux & Haansoft - Beijing Tokyo Seoul
Austral Club Linux Coffs Harbour "a self-help group of GNU/Linux users" + Coffs Ex-Services Computer Club + Alma Technology "utilises technology to enhance business, life & communities, by being part of an ecosystem of forward-thinking people who are involved in collaborative I.T. projects, consulting & educating - encouraging creativity & technical freedom"
Department of Automation & Systems DAS Tecnological Center of Santa Catarina Federal Uni Brasil + ftp
Digital Free Software Assn Tunisia
Florida Linux User Xchange FLUX
Fraser Valley LUG FVLUG Abbotsford British Columbia + Nyetwork wiki tips *** "Linux speaks Uzbek"
Free & Open Source Software Foundation Malaysia fossfm npo "to better serve the Malaysian FOSS community" Free & Open Source Software Society Malaysia
Free Software Association - Bulgaria & OpenFest "A World Day For Free Software ..annual conference dedicated to free & open source software, free culture & free knowledge share.. professional lectures" 14Sept03.. Sofia ***
Free Software Macedonia & Free Software Flood 03Jun04 & GNU/Linux Users Group
French language sites: LinuxFr.Org Developers Advisory ; French speaking Linux & Libre Software Users' Assn ; group ; Solinux service co ; Toolinux ; "Free Network Services" ; Andreu Bassols MANtoHTML Palm etc ; Ze Linux Nouvelles etc ; "Linux BSD Unix Solaris"
Georg Jakob Law & Informatics Uni Salzburg + links
German language sites: EasyLinux 'Simple, Clear, Userfriendly' ; Heise Hot ; Linux Community ; Linux Magazin ; LinuxTag Linux Day "Where .com meets .org"; Linux Verband ; Win on Lin Wine ; Unperfekthaus free stay / OSS project "ordinary GNU/Linux users, inspired, but distinct from, the Free Software Foundation" GNU/Linux Matters Toulouse France from "financially-sustainable advocacy project" Nuxified "GNU/Linux Help Forums" "The Digital Freedom Community technology ..explore & discuss social & ethical challenges" Towards a complete Free Software market etc * * * * * Greece
Hungarian Unix Portal "Unix. The real power" + Hungarian Linux User's Group HuLUG + LinuxBazis "the only hungarian Linux search engine"
Igalia "Free Software: GNU/Linux based technologies consultancy" Galicia Sp
India: FOSS.IN "India's premier FOSS event" + The GNU/LINUX Fanatics' Group LINUXjunkies Foundation, West Bengal + My Home Page "India is emerging as the fastest GNU/Linux OS advocating nation" & Mumbai LUG + Linux for Academia UNICS etc + Linux Trivia Quiz Sumit Dhar + Lanka Software Foundation "Fuelling FOSS in Sri Lanka" R&D npo Sahana Disaster Management System etc + FOSS Nepal Community
Italian language sites: Gruppo Utenti FreeBSD Italia GUFI
Linux Cabal SanFran+Mexico en Espanol + links + 4to Festival GNU/Linux y Software Libre
Linux Donanim Turkish Linux news portal
Linux Iran "Open Minds. Open Source. Open Future."
Lucynix Ethiopia "women in computing" blog SFD EFOSSNet etc
Iraqi Linux Group Portal "Open Source. Open Mind. Open Knowledge." + blogs
Japan: Tokyo Linux Users Group & "provides support for online collaboration.. Mac OS X, Linux, *BSD programming & administration in Japan" Jim Tittsler Tokyo
Linux Middle East "Open Source Community" Egypt + Linux Egypt LUG
Malta LUG
SevenC Computing "Serving Your Business IT with Linux" Linux Professionals Assn of South Africa
Sheffield Linux User's Group sheflug
Software Liberty Assn of Taiwan SLAT
SOLIS "Free Software Co-operative" Brasil + SOLAR Asociacion de Usuarios y usuarias de Software Libre Argentina
Spanish language sites: GNU Chile Project + LinEspa "Linux para todos.. en Espanol" + PreguntasLinux Portal & & SFD07 + Festival Latinoamericano de Instalacion de Software Libre & FLISOL Peru & FLISOL Mexico & FLISOL wikipedia php apache mysql & linux manuals China

Microsoft has a majority market share Bug #1 in Ubuntu
osCommRe "Services Online"
SENATH Pty Ltd "Enterprise Open Source.. first Australian PaaS Cloud Platform"

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LINUX® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in several countries.
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