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Tux=Linux CompTIA Linux+ Certified 2003
Unix-compatible software, mostly GNU/Linux
AntiVirus InfoHelp Software link page * * * * * + Clam AntiVirus "GPL anti-virus toolkit for UNIX.. main purpose.. integration with mail servers (attachment scanning)" + Vexira FAQ - Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD
Arpwatch "monitors changes in ethernet/ip address pairings"
Bastille Hardening System "attempts to 'harden' or 'tighten' Unix operating systems"
Brute Force Detection BFD "modular shell script" R-fx Networks
Chkrootkit "locally checks for signs of a rootkit" vs intrusion + The best free rootkit removal, detection and scanner programs 18Sep17 UK (+ "Protect your machine" & review NewsForge [defunct x2])
DenyHosts "script intended to be run by Linux system administrators to help thwart ssh server attacks" sourceforge
The GNU Privacy Handbook encryption keys + Getting Started with Gnu Privacy Guard RH9 + Gnu Privacy Assistant GPA gui for Gnu Privacy Guard + GnuPG Made Easy GPGME library for easy access to GnuPG + OpenPGP public key server + GnuPG Keysigning Party HOWTO
HackSTOP "Perl/CGI script.. stops brute force attacks on your web site"
Help Net Security HNS downloads * * *
Honeyd "small daemon that creates virtual hosts on a network.. providing mechanisms for threat detection & assessment.. deters adversaries by hiding real systems" Niels Provos CITI + Honeyd Development + Systrace "Interactive Policy Generation for System Calls.. fine-grained application confinement.. detect & prevent intrusions"
Immunix "host intrusion prevention software solutions.. first host application security vendor to release a YaST GUI to help users of Novell's SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server simplify application security management" Sep04 + Linux Security Modules LSM
integrit project "file verification system" intrusion detection
The Internet Junkbuster "blocks unwanted banner ads & protects your privacy" Win/X "to free the world from junk communications"
IPTraf "IP Network Monitoring Software" dated? + see netstat, contrak, Nnetstat, iptraff, Driftnet, & pkstat ReiserFS filesystem "Increasing the Allowed Granularity of Security.. Reiser4 is architected for military grade security" etc Hans Reiser Moscow
NetShade "makes your Web presence anonymous & secure" Rayner Software MacOS X
Nmap "utility for network exploration or security auditing.. Free Security Scanner, Tools & Hacking resources" Insecure.Org & Seclists.Org "Security Mailing List Archive" + Fyodor's Exploit World + Nmap & other Network Scanning Techniques A-Sec * * *
ntop "network traffic probe that shows the network usage"
OpenHBCI client
Open Source Security Tools "A Practical Guide to Security Applications" bk Tony Howlett 29Jul04 Safari
OpenSSL Project "The Open Source toolkit for SSL/TLS" Secure Sockets Layer & Transport Layer Security
Problem Informant/Killer Tool PIKT picket "cross-categorical toolkit to monitor & configure computer systems, organize system security, format documents, assist command-line work, & perform other common systems administration tasks"
Rule Set Based Access Control RSBAC "Free Open Source (GPL) Linux kernel security extension"
Satellite "track many remote machines with dynamic IP addresses in situations where public DNS services are inappropriate"
Secure Shell: OpenSSH "FREE version of the SSH protocol suite of network connectivity tools" & FreeSSH + SSH Communications Security + SSH Protocol, Tips & Tricks AusUnixUG AUUG Winter 2002 + PuTTY: A Free Telnet/SSH Client "for Win32 & Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator" Simon Tatham + The Secure ShellTM FAQ satch + Ssh FAQ Thomas Konig + Getting started with SSH Kimmo Suominen + TTSSH: An SSH Extension to Teraterm Robert O'Callahan + Secure Logins - No Password Uptime blog
Shibboleth "privacy & security aware mailing list manager, perfect for allowing closed groups to interact on the Internet without interference from outsiders & former insiders" sourceforge
Snort "The Open Source Network Intrusion Detection System" + Sguil "GUI that receives realtime events from snort/barnyard.. components.. facilitate the practice of Network Security Monitoring (NSM) & event driven analysis of IDS alerts" + Snort/IDS for Windows informIT 10Jun04
Squid Analysis Report Generator SARG "many informations about Squid users activities: times, bytes, sites, etc"
SurfControl Web Filter VS "content filtering" Win/X
SysWatch "CGI to display current information about your UNIX system"
tcpdump search packet headers + libpcap + Tcpdump: An Open Source Tool for Analyzing Packets informIT review 13May04
Trafshow "Network traffic monitoring utility" + trafshow+rvnamed freshmeat
xca - RSA keys & certificate managing interface

Ban clients attacking FTP perl script Torben Jensen ++Deb
Easy Firewall Generator for IPTables * * * + search freshmeat etc * *
FireHOL "the iptables stateful packet filtering firewall builder"
Firestarter for Ubuntu & GNOME * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
floppyfw "a router with the advanced firewall-capabilities in Linux that fits on one single floppy disc"
Freesco "free replacement for commercial routers"
Gibraltar "firewall & router package, based on Debian/GNU Linux"
Guarddog firewall config util + Guidedog routing/network config util + Guidance sysad tools + Watchdog "real time firewall monitor" Simon Edwards
Home PC Firewall Guide "The Internet is a hostile network like the wild west without a sheriff!" Henry Markus Seattle + Lnx/BSD links *
Intro to Firewalls Dameon Welch-Abernathy informIT 03Sep04 + Intro to the Border Gateway Patrol BGP 1989 routing protocol 27Aug04 etc
IPCop "the bad packets stop here" ***** + Hardware Compatibility List + prdownloads sourceforge + Unofficial IPCop HomeEdition + ? Copfilter "free & easy to use solution to filter & scan traffic from any unsecure network, like the internet, for viruses & spam.. preconfigured & easy to install addon for.. IPCop" ?
IPACSUM "summarize, display & compact ip accounting info"
IPTables/NetFilter "framework inside the Linux 2.4.x & 2.6.x kernel series.. Software inside this framework enables packet filtering, network address [& port] translation (NA[P]T) & other packet mangling" * * * * *
Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall LEAF "gateway/router/firewall"
Linux Firewall & Security Site "iptables ipchains ipfwadm" Design Tool etc Robt Ziegler + Linux Firewalls bk * * * * *
m0n0wall & m0n0BSD for Soekris etc boards + Debian how to + theWall PicoBSD sourceforge
NetBoz Firewall "boots from a CD.. any Pentium class PC" FreeBSD
pfSense "derived from m0n0wall.. with radically different goals.. OpenBSD's ported Packet Filter, FreeBSD 6.1 ALTQ (HFSC) for excellent packet queueing.. integrated package management system for extending the environment with new features" * * * * *
PHP Firewall Generator Babel Com
ShoreWall "Shoreline Firewall.. high-level tool for configuring Netfilter" Mandrake dflt
SmoothWall "family of Internet security products, designed to defend your users & your network from external attack" UK +
Sygate Online Services SOS Security Scan - simulate port attack

UNIX InfoHelp link page * * * * *

Local consultants
Gordon's Web "Safe computing at home" sage advice for newbies * * *
GNU/Linux NZ InfoHelp link page * * * * *
Intek Security Group "Wholesale Security Products" 40 Buchan St Sydenham & 3 NI not US
Logical CSI NZ "integration solutions" Torrens House L4 195 Hereford St & Dun Wgtn Hmltn Ackd & Secure24 "Info Security Services"
Peter Gutmann "Professional Paranoid" CS Ackd Uni + Encryption & Security-related Resources aka "the crypto link farm" * * * * * * * * * *
TradeMe Safe Computing Centre intro
Xtra Security Suite scammers xtraordinaire

Kaon Technologies "Securing Tomorrow's Networks" Tony Krzyzewski Ackd + BorderWare Technologies "Email Security, Anti Spam, Anti Virus, Anti-Spyware, VoIP Security" MXtreme "designed from the ground up to deliver the most comprehensive email security features available today. Based on the S-Core OS, a UNIX-based hardened and optimized operating system"

Smart Cards etc
Big Brother's Little Helpers 1995 Australasian Legal Information Institute
Intro to Biometrics & Network Security InformIT 21May04 "source for news about smart cards & such related payment & identification technologies as biometrics, PKI, mobile commerce, physical access control & computer network security"
DOD's most popular card 22Mar04
findBiometrics "complete identification verification resource" TopickZ "Knowledge is Power.. electronic information resources" US + MerchantPicks "Merchant Account Resource Directory" ecommerce "Sites certified as HACKER SAFE are tested daily to pass the FBI's Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities & meet all security recommendations of the Department of Homeland Security's National Infrastructure Protection Center NIPC" etc + Seenex Forms Alliance With Syft Technologies 29Jul04 Chch
New developments in smart card technology Hammersmith Research UK
Sense Holdings "Security solutions at the touch of a finger" US
Smart Cards CITI Projects + links * * *
Smart Card Technology 1998 Centre forComputing+SocialResponsibility UK
Consultants outside NZ
Australian Security A-SEC [broken site 05Oct04]
Babel Com Australia "specialist Linux, Open Source & Network Security consultancy" + Linux Security Central "resource area.. info & links to the top security tools in the Linux world"
BlackHat Briefings, Training & Consulting "digital self defense" Jeff Moss + OSSTMM Professional Security Analyst OPSA
Cogeco Security Education Center cable co Can
CoMedia Consulting "privacy & network systems.. services for hire" + links
Computer Cops "When too much security is not enough" XML * * *
Core Security Technologies "Identify & mitigate your info security risks" Boston & Buenos Aires
Cycom "Info Security & E-mail Management"
Defensive Thinking "Training & expertise to help you stop information theft" Kevin Mitnick + bk "The Art of Intrusion: The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers, Intruders, & Deceivers"
Hacker4Lease "IT Security Services" Toronto Can
ICSA Labs "Standards for commercial security products" TruSecure Corp + Secure Internet Filtering Technologies SIFT US Aus Sngpr
Information Security Training Program TechNow
Interhack Corp "Is The Internet's Strength Your Weakness?" Matt Curtin US + Interhack Research "making reliable computing infrastructures a reality" ***
Internet Security Auditors courses etc OPST OPSA Sp
Jouko Pynnonen "Security research" etc Finland *
Neohapsis "Where integrity meets insight"
Netcraft "network security services.. research data & analysis on many aspects of the Internet" ISCo Bath UK
Netsys "The Intelligent Hacker's Choice.. Systems, Networks, Administration.. since 1977" + "Full-Disclosure, a new mailing list dedicated to complete & utter freedom of info regarding security issues that we all face" + SuSE Linux Security Mailing List Archives etc UK
Pantek Linux Technical Support Services "Expert IT Security" US
Protecting your PC from viruses & Hackers Salem Public Library US
R-fx Networks Internet Security Solutions
SANS Institute "Computer Security Education & Information Security Training" + Internet Storm Center ISC "Cooperative Cyber Threat Monitor & Alert System - Current Infosec News & Analysis" * * * * *
Security Auditing notes Sp
SIFT "Tactical Information Control" Aus
Simovits Consulting "IT security from both a technical & a management perspective" Stockholm
TaoSecurity Richard Bejtlich + bk "The Tao of Network Security Monitoring: Beyond Intrusion Detection"
WhiteHat Inc Computer Security + Secure Internet File Transfer SIFT & WhiteHat Advisory "A Home Computing Resource from the Security Experts"

Anonymous FTP FAQ ISS US 96
Bank Shuts Down Web Site After Phishing Attack BNZ Netcraft 22Oct05
Butchered From Inside Security Magazine "electronic publication of free speech & distribution written by the Italian hacker community" FreakNetML
Center for Advanced Research in Information Security CARIS Uni Illinois & Argus Systems Group
Close Encounters of the Hacker Kind 20Dec02 + The Real THR34T KR3W "The Story of Hacker Connor Hansen" 5Nov04 informIT
Cryptography "Beginning with a Simple Communication Game" 5Nov04 informIT
CSOonline "CSO Magazine for chief security officers & information security executives - articles, news, analysis, best practices & strategic insights" eg Patch & Pray .. * * * *
Cryptonomicon.Net + CryptoRights Foundation
Cyber Security & Information Infrastructure Protection CITI
Docs man pages etc
Do-it-yourself Internet Anonymity Tetrica: Internet Privacy, Thos Green Washington
eSecurity "Software & Internet Security Product Info News Articles, Advice"
Federal Computer Week "Your Govt IT Resource" US
Hackers' Center "There's no knowledge that is no power" Zinho
Hack In The Box "Keeping Knowledge Free.. does not mean Promoting random carnage" news forum + links
Help Net Security advisories viruses downloads papers etc +OSS
High-Tech Crimes Revealed: Cyberwar Stories from the Digital Front bk Steven Branigan InformIT 27Aug04
Higher Learning "real hackers & phreakers.. the old hacker code" Linux + links - old
How NSA access was built into Windows Duncan Campbell Telepolis Sep99 + Reflections on Trusting Trust Ken Thompson ACM 84
Identity Theft: Criminal Behavior Meets the Information Age InformIT 20Aug04
Institute for Security & Open Methodologies ISECOM "defining standards in security testing & business integrity testing" was Ideahamster Organization + Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual OSSTMM Pete Herzog + Hacker Highschool "Security Awareness for Teens" + ISESTORM "Hacker Re-training" expo 16-23Oct04 LasVegas
Information Security & Ethical Hacking Course L1 "tools & techniques used in the IT industry.. career as an Ethical Hacker or a Security expert" whizlabs
The Internet Is Broken MIT Technology Review Dec2005
Interview with Cisco Security Expert Earl Carter InformIT
IP Security Protocol ipsec IETF + Virtual Private Network Consortium VPNC "intntl trade assn for manufacturers in the VPN market" * * * * *
iSEC Security Research "aim is to incessantly acquire more & more knowledge on various IT security related topics as well as share our experience & actively developed production with public community" NPO Poland +++OSS***
Johnny Long "I hack stuff" googledork etc + links + Google Hacking Mini-Guide InformIT 07May04
Linux patch problems: Your distro may vary 27Jul06
Korean super-spammers arrested "Duo accused of sending 1.6 billion spam emails" 30Jan07
Linux Security "The Community's Center For Security" + Secure Programming for Linux & Unix HOWTO * * * UK
Mask Your Web Server for Enhanced Security Evolt
mi2g "pioneers enterprise-wide security practices & technology to save time & cut cost. We enhance comparative advantage within financial services & government agencies.. Renowned worldwide for the SIPS monthly intelligence briefings" UK "Solving Problems for Safer World ..mission-driven teams bring technical expertise, objectivity, & an interdisciplinary approach to drive innovation & accelerate solutions in the public interest" eg CVE Program "to identify, define, & catalog publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities" US
Network Security & Virtual Private Network Technologies InformIT 01Oct04
OpenPrivacy Initiative "software frameworks, protocols & services providing a cryptographically secure & distributed platform for creating, maintaining, & selectively sharing user profile info" & Broadcatch Technologies "secure, open source reputation servers"
Open Web Application Security Project OWASP +++OSS US "a Hacker magazine by the community, for the community"
Red Hat Security Resource Center "Network Security & Distributed Systems"
Secunia "Stay Secure" advisories etc
Security Expert Initiative Seinit IST IPv6 Cluster
SecurityFocus news etc * * * * *
SecurityGeeks "an effort to foster communication between security professionals on a regional basis" USA
Security & Privacy magazine online IEEE Computer Society
Security Reference Guide InformIT + books etc
A Simple Guide To Macintosh Security informIT 10Sep04
The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security "why all that money you spend on information security is going to be wasted" etc Marcus J. Ranum "inventor of the proxy firewall, & the implementor of the first commercial firewall product" * * * * *
Spyware warriors call for action BBC 10Feb06
Tech Directory Computer Security "your first stop for information and resources on various technological products and services" links
Unprotected PCs can be hijacked in minutes USA Today 29Nov04 L/Win stats *****
US Computer Emergency Readiness Team US-CERT "partnership between the Dept of Homeland Security & the public & private sectors.. to protect the nation's Internet infrastructure" Sept03 Washington & Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon Uni + Steps for Recovering from a UNIX or NT System Compromise AusCERT * * * * * ; Vulnerability Note VU#713878 "Use a different web browser" 09Jun04 + Virus Designed to Steal Windows Users' Data "CERT recommends that Explorer users consider other browsers that are not affected by the attack, such as Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape & Opera" Washington Post 26Jun04 + Are the Browser Wars Back? "How Mozilla's Firefox trumps Internet Explorer.. [CERT] recently took the unusual step of advising people to consider switching browsers" 30Jun04 + Microsoft's Browser Dominance at Risk MacNewsWorld 07Jul04 + /. + Microsoft security chief uses Firefox the Inquirer 31Aug04 + Penn State Tells 80,000 Students To Chuck IE 10Dec04
Virus attacking Apple Macintosh PCs found reuters 17Feb06
Web Server Talk "Apache, Linux, IIS, Sendmail, MySQL, WebSphere, Web Server" forums
Zone-H "The Internet Thermometer - Defacement Archive - IT Security Information Network"

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