Software Freedom Day

International Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) Festival

FOSS Installfest, free software sharing, internet security, PC tuition and more

- Extend hardware life, cut out viruses and spyware, safeguard data

Low-cost, Secure Computing - Expo

10am to 4pm Saturday
16 September 2017

South Learning Centre PC lab
South Christchurch Library
66 Colombo Street, Cashmere

brought to you by

SFD Team Christchurch
Sydenham GNU/Linux Users group
InfoHelp Services FOSS support
Canterbury Linux Unix & GNU
Free Software Aotearoa New Zealand

GNU/Linux® training professionals

Tux & Gnu to the rescue
Debian GNU/Linux
all welcome

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Software Freedom International - Digital Freedom Foundation
Christchurch City Council
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Canterbury GNU/Linux Users Group

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