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Tux=Linux CompTIA Linux+ Certified 2003
The Open Group "Making Standards Work.. international vendor & technology- neutral consortium.. holds the definition of what a UNIX system is & its associated trademark in trust for the industry" The Single UNIX Specification was Open Software Foundation + "Boundaryless Information Flow through interoperability" conference 18-22Oct04 + The UNIX System Home Page & History & Timeline & Backgrounder on the UNIX System & SCO / IBM legal action + "organization of The Open Group dedicated to maintaining the existing X Window System code base & engineering appropriate enhancements" *****
(Caldera)/SCOGroup (was Santa Cruz Operations) The SCO Group Lindon Utah bought UNIX rights to charge Linux users an insustantiable license fee with M$ backing => world's #2 virus target SCOsource "new business division to manage its UNIX System intellectual property" + FSF's Position + OSI Position Paper + SCOvsIBM "the SCO v IBM info website" TWikIWeThey + Wikipedia entries + Groklaw paralegal research & 1994 USL-Regents of UCal Settlement Agreement etc + SCO and the Battle Over UNIX: A Clear Explanation informit 18Jun04 + The Battle Over Unix "SCO, IBM & the Future of Linux" reports * * * + Unix, Linux Mythology Continues to Unfold "As in some Greek myth, Linux, the unwanted child of Unix, is putting Unix vendors to death" LinuxInsider 23May06 + see InfoHelp GNU/Linux Context page for more articles ..

Addison-Wesley Professional bks Pearson Education Boston
Advanced UNIX Programming Warren W Gay 20Sep00 Safari Books Online
The Art of Unix Programming Eric S. Raymond 2003 + ad * * * * *
The Creation of the UNIX Operating System "For more information" originator Bell Laboratories + links * * * * *
On the Design of the UNIX operating System Peter Collinson & The UNIX cult scifi spoof Hillside Systems Canterbury UK
A Brief History of UNIX John Russell Can
Brief History of Linux slides Sean Ellis VLE South Texas
Evan Brown "Does Your Employer Own Your Thoughts?"
Exit Consulting "Frank Mayhar.. hardcore Unix kernel & related work" CA
Has UNIX Programming Changed in 20 Years? Marc Rochkind informit 28May04 ***
History of Unix, Linux, & Open Source / Free Software Secure Programming for Linux & Unix HOWTO
History of UNIX / Linux & other variants
HP-UX 11i "the mission critical enterprise UNIX"
In the Beginning was the Command Line bk Neal Stephenson 1999
ITtoolbox "UNIX Knowledge Base" + news + links * * * *
Learning Unix bookshop Krislyn Corp
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution "Twenty Years of Berkeley Unix From AT&T-Owned to Freely Redistributable" etc bk oreilly Jan99 * * * * *
Psyon.Org "Its all about knowledge! Its all that & a unix manual. Knowledge is your weapon" forum etc + Progenic "Top 100 Compu Tech sites" "Free UNIX Shell Access" & hosting
sdf public access unix system Super Dimension Fortress "networked community of free software authors, teachers, students, researchers, hobbyists, enthusiasts & the blind"
Secure Programming for Linux & Unix HOWTO David A. Wheeler 03Mar03
Softpanorama "(slightly skeptical) Open Source Software Educational Soc" Nikolai Bezroukov & UN Sustainable Development Networking Programme
A Sysadmin's Unixersal Translator "Rosetta Stone for Unix" + links
Tardis Project practice Unix network Edinburgh University
Think Unix bk Jon Lasser
The UNIX CD Bookshelf O'Reilly & here + sed & awk vi Korn etc * * * *
UNIX Cluster ITS Caltech California Institute of Technology
UnixEd "Your Solaris Certification Resource Site" Bill Calkins US
Unix FAQ & commands links VUW School of Mathematical & Computing Sciences "AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris & Tru64"
Unix Guru Universe UGU "The Official Home Page for Unix System Administrators" + Unix Flavors + BEGINNERS - START HERE * * * *
UNIXhelp for Users Uni Edinburgh & School of CIT Griffith Uni Brisbane
Unix History Timeline etc Eric Levenez * * *
UNIX History timeline pdf
unix@home ADSL & broadband mailing lists NZ/Can
Unix Reference Guide intro Webmonkey news articles
Unix Services The University of Texas at Austin ITS
UNIX Shell Programming QuickStart informit 21Jan05
Unix Specialist job spec 21Apr04
Unix System Administration Ring ads + links "the source for unix tips" + links
USENIX Assn Advanced Computing Systems Assn + ;login: mag articles + Security'05 14th USENIX Security Symposium + "Special Technical Group" Sage ***** "Nick Moffitt's $7 History of Unix" progs etc

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