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GTRAN DotSurfer type II PCMCIA modem card

GTRAN DotSurfer

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Linux Support & Links
G TRAN Californian manufacturer of Gtran Wireless products, including:
Telecom's CDMA 1X laptop & PDA modem Gtran DotSurfer Mobile Jetstream Internet product ^ ^ ^ CDMA etc coverage + djuice Telecom email-to-mobile service
Gtran Korea (absent) drivers - Linux setup advice to be cont'd...
Lucent Technologies CDMA & 3G Wgtn

Other NZ
Airspan Networks US co implementing DSL in Southland w/BCL NZ
APT Advanced Portable Technologies "Wireless Solutions Made Easy!" Wellington
BizA2Z wireless solutions provider, Wellington
Connecting Rural Communities using WiFi CRCnet "Wireless Research Project ..platform to support the deployment of widescale rural wireless networks" WAND Network Research Group "range of computer networks projects mostly focused around network measurement" Uni Waikato CompSci Dept
emsg email-to-mobile service "IT, mobility, wireless, handheld & pocket pc news.. How we connect.. mobile forums" SohoSolutions Wgtn? & WiFlyer Review "Wireless LAN access point" Dec05
GPRS Modems etc Harvest Electronics Masterton
IndraNet Technology "advanced broadband wireless mesh network & sustainable technology development" 242 Ferry Rd + Linux
itouch Business Mobility Unit 8, Amuri Park 404 Barbadoes St + Ackd, Sydney & beyond; Meridian Energy
Life's a beach - why aren't you working there? iStart article Jun03
no 8 "reliable, affordable broadband" Rural Link "NZ's Wireless Community" Ackd
NZ Wireless Data Forum is the centre of excellence for information & expertise on wireless data technologies & solutions for the NZ Business & IT communities" Informate + Convergence 2005 Te Papa 27Apr & Press Release newstech
NZWired Residential Area Network VuWgtn & Community-based broadband site goes live Computerworld article
Oamaru Community Wireless project Westport
Radionet Ackd
Reach Wireless "converged billing that offers seamless roaming between Wi-Fi hotspots" Ackd + RoamAD "metropolitan Wi-Fi networks" etc
Rolleston Wireless Community RWC "dedicated Linux server" Canty +++OSS
Run The Red "'mobile enabler' servicing the information & entertainment industries" SMS MMS WAP J2ME BREW Wgtn & Ackd
SouthNET wireless ISP specialists, Southland owners of
Stan Swan links
USB adaptors & DIY antenna = "Poor Man's WiFi"? "#8 wire ingenuity" + links + WiFry: Cooking up 2.4 GHz Antennas Silicon Chip Online 28Sep04 Aus
Vodaphone mobile data
Walker Wireless "instant internet" launch/rebrand Woosh "Broadband to go" 14Sep03
Wired Country wireless or fibre Franklin & Papakura
Wireless Chch Map.jpg 2005-05-25 399.6 KB * * * * *
WirelessWeb "Wireless Broadband Service Provider, supplying high speed internet to Christchurch & rural Canterbury" B M Electronics +++FOSS & Yobbo Wireless Network Christchurch Wireless Community etc links * * * * *
Zephyr "Wellington's Wireless Community Network"

InfoHelp GNU/Linux networking software page Wireless section * * * * *

Others - world
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Wi-Fi* Wireless Networking Harold Davis bk Safari (* Wi-Fi is a registered trademark)
AbsoluteValue Systems "The linux-wlan(tm) Company" US + "Hardware Compatibility" + links +OSS * * * *
Air-Net WiFi HotSpot Directory eg HQWifi Cafe Queenstown
Air-Stream Community Wireless Network npo "community organisation, the first & largest in South Australia to successfully build a Wide Area Network (WAN) using class license radio communications & free open source software"
Blackberry "leading wireless solutions.. a wide range of applications on a variety of BlackBerry devices" + What Is a BlackBerry?
Build Silicon Valley-wide Wi-Fi? "What, are you nuts?" 2Jul06
Bulletin Wireless US
CDMA Development Group
Cellular News US
Datahunter "The Most Innovative Data Radios in the World" US
Dewayne-Net Radio Weblog "Companion resource for the 'Dewayne-Net' Technology Mailing List" Dewayne Hendricks
e3 "blogging the wireless freenet" Aus
FON "largest WiFi community in the World.. share excess bandwidth at home & roam the world for free" hotspots NZ + Community Bandwidth "Keeping technology simple for non-profits" + linuxcaffe "coffee, code, culture, community" 1993 Detroit Michigan npo "to foster community relations & communications among its members & the public in the emerging digital on-line environment" [hiatus]
Freenet Antennas "Me 'n Me Mate Internet Extender Kits" etc parts Aus "Freedom.. Communication.. Education.. volunteer cooperative association dedicated to education, collaboration, & advocacy for the creation of FreeNetworks" + links * * * * * Gnet "An underground alternative to the wired Internet" tech specs * * * * *
High Speed Wireless Set for D.C., San Diego 21Jul03 US
IBM developerWorks: The 802.11g standard - IEEE
InfoSpace "Wireless & Internet Solutions" US
Intel to bypass the IEEE with wireless USB spec Ars Technica 20Feb04 "A New Way to Serve NGOs & Remote Communities with Technology.. Connecting Villages Around the World"
itouch London HQ, Flash-heavy site
JiWire "helps you locate free & paid WiFi hotspot networks, secure your wireless Internet connections, & learn how to use Wi-Fi products & wireless broadband services" + Canty NZ "56 Wi-Fi Hotspots found"
The Limits of SpongeBob SquarePants 802.11a "One Canadian's Wireless Neighborhood Network Could Someday Serve Us All" I,Cringely 30Sep04
Linksys Cisco Wireless-N etc US + WRT54GL OpenWrt Wireless Router setup martybugs +++FOSS
MainE Wireless Users Group Maine US + links +OSS
Martin Pot Wireless Networking WAFreeNet Perth
Melbourne Wireless "build free community broadband networks, using inexpensive off-the-shelf wireless network hardware"
Microsoft kills off its Wi-Fi offerings Computerworld 11May04
MikroTik "Routers & Wireless" Latvia + RouterOS +++OSS
Nameless Wireless Network "covers the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.. It's sad but true that the cause of community wireless networking is one that has a limited future in Australia. Technically speaking there is nothing stopping the success of community wireless networks as it's a pretty standard formula to make data links work using WIFI technology. Community Wireless networking in Australia is simply dieing through lack of interest. In the present day where everybody is doing well, and our every desire from food to internet access can be instantly gratified nobody wants to put effort toward making a complex network of computers without financial gain - especially when it's already been done by the internet [20Feb06]" & & routers etc UK + RangeMax NEXT Wireless-N "The World Of WiFi" news, netdetect s/ware etc + hotspots NZ * * * * * "The Wireless Node Database Project" + South Island etc
Openwave "help mobile operators & device manufacturers deliver innovative & differentiated data services & next-generation mobile phones"
O'Reilly Network: Wireless DevCenter + Windows XP Unwired "A Guide for Home, Office, & the Road" Wei-Meng Lee bk Aug03 * * *
PCS Vision enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network US
PubNet "FREE high-speed wireless access service available in public 'hotspot' locations" Aus
QUALCOMM BREW Launched w/BellSouth demos * * *
Qwest Wireless US
Radio Mobile "Freeware by VE2DBE Roger Coude ..for Windows 95 98 Me NT 2K XP This software is a tool used to predict the performance of a radio system. It uses digital terrain elevation data for automatic extraction of path profile between an emitter & a receiver" Fr
Seattle Wireless "grassroots Community Wireless Network (CWN) project in Seattle, Washington"
Smart ID WiFi Detector thinkgeek Singapore + RFID * * * * *
Sputnik "802.11b Software Solutions for the Enterprise"
SR Telecom "Fixed Wireless Broadband Access technology, network solutions for voice & Internet operators & service providers" Bell Canada
Sydney Wireless +OSS * * * *
Taipei's city-wide Wi-Fi passes test InfoWorld 27Jun06
Toronto Wireless User Group TorWUG "one of the largest & most sophisticated in the world with a slick Monthly Newsletter. Toronto is also covered by a number of commercial WiFi hotspot providers"
Wi-Fi Hot Spot List "NZ Wireless Hotspots From The Definitive WiFi Hotspot Directory" Jupitermedia Corp * * * *
Wi-Fi Net News "Daily Reporting on Wireless Data Networking" +OSS * * * *
Wi-Fi Planet "The Source for Wi-Fi Business & Technology"
Wireless Developer Network "the definitive news & technical publication for developers of wireless apps & the mobile Internet" ThinkBurst Media US jobs + Glossary etc. * * * * *
Wireless LAN/MAN Product Directory Canada
Wireless Markup Language (WML) Tutorial Juicy Studio defunct? 802.11n market port: see Linksys, Netgear implementations
Wireless Printing: Epson launches trio of EcoTank printers, free ink included 3Jun15
Wireless Security & Hitting the Road with Wi-Fi informIT 16Jul04
Wireless Internet users risk porn trap "Wi-Safety" etc Dominion Post 11Oct08 Online Store "MikroTik PacWireless EnGenius Senao HotSpots etc" Kansas

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