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video presentations: SFD freechan

Free Software education

Streams to watch / listen to

GNU Guix / Videos about this authentic Free Software distribution and its package manager etc (e.g. like PureOS or Trisquel)

LibrePlanet wiki Media links etc.

Tech Talks - Computer Science Club, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
The Free Software Movement and GNULinux Operating System, a talk by Richard Stallman at UCSD (ogg/theora)
Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks - Richard M Stallman, 2007 (ogg/theora)
Unix 102 - Fatema Boxwala, 2017 (mp4)
1989 Bill Gates Talk on Microsoft (audio mp3/flac/ogg/wav)
Open Source Computer Sound Measurement - Richard Mann (mp4)
How Browsers Work - Veteran Mozilla engineer Ehsan Akhgari (mp4/mpg)
The War on General Purpose Computing - Cory Doctorow, Electronic Frontier Foundation (mp4)

Freeware -vs- Free Software + Free and open-source software I use for music production etc - Unfa, Poland
Merida Software Freedom Day Venezuela 2013
SFD Bogota Colombia
SFD: Software Freedom Day Maceio 2021 0xE Hacker Club Brazil
Software Freedom Day 2021 #ParaLivre streamed live on 19 Sep 2021 Brasil
Software Freedom Day '21 - FOSS Sri Lanka (Live Stream) - Welcome, Event agenda, What to expect - FOSS Sri lanka
SFD Iran Gnu Meetup streamed to Peertube Twitch Youtube & Aparat (an Iranian video sharing platform) "and surprisingly peertube performed the best!"
SFD freechan = the initial video & link store - connectivity as a service, Aotearoa New Zealand
Shit You Should Care About takes you Extremely Online New episodes weekly.. NZ On Air support - issues explained - The Spinoff Instagram hit RadioNZ
The Code: Story of Linux Documentary [2001] Finland + old website + wikipedia + imdb + top documentary film + CosmoLearning etc pages

Revolution OS by JTS Moore "tells the inside story of the hackers who rebelled against the proprietary software model and Microsoft to create GNU/Linux and the Open Source movement" USA 2001 (mp4/ugg etc) + website + wikipedia + imdb etc pages

Software Freedom Law Center/Show Oggcast 2008-2011

Local contacts

Software Freedom Day teams e.g. SFD Christchurch wiki & Digital Freedom Foundation: wikipedia + World Time Zone Map
Otautahi-Christchurch Free Software Group - GNUz mailing list - teleconference stream (FOSS wikipedia ref)
Free Software Aotearoa association goal - FSANZ. GNU Users Groups Free Software Foundation listings.

Monthly FOSS Christchurch Meetup / Get Together by &
Free Software Australia / Free Software Melbourne : FSM-Linux Australia BigBlueButton teleconference streams

Zoom cartoon
How To Run A Great Online Meeting LEAD Centre for Not for Profit Governance & Leadership

Gnu Celebrate SFD with us mid-September every year! Tux=Linux

Software / documents of note

Free Software Foundation's GNU Project and General Public License - the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) core - A Quick Guide to GPLv3

Watch "Fight to Repair," demand the right to repair Watch "Fight to Repair," demand the right to repair - Free Software Foundation
- Richard M Stallman (RMS), GNU Project, Geneva 2014

Create with Cheese (Webcam app, see wikipedia), Cinelerra (video editing), (video capture / streaming), (video editing), (3d art), (2d vector art), (audio postprocessing), (live audio processing). Read Top 5 Best Video Editing Software for Ubuntu Linux etc. Kdenlive, Pitivi, OpenShot. "Free software to take back control of your videos" see PeerTube.TV + wikipedia
MediaGoblin "free software media publishing platform that anyone can run.. decentralized alternative to Flickr YouTube SoundCloud etc" & Live instances e.g.
System Override "how ordinary people and new technologies can create a more free, prosperous, and inclusive future"
Global Citizen Live! Worldwide Opening Ceremony 25Sep'21 a week after Software Freedom Day "Give school meals.. Plant trees.. Deliver vaccines" story

Gnu & Tux to the rescue

"We hope that you are one of those for whom right and wrong do matter"
-- Richard M Stallman, GNU/Linux FAQ, Free Software Foundation.

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